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             01 February, 2023

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Plastic Surgery Can Give You a Mommy Makeover

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2009-06-23 07:13:39     
Article by A Aaronson

Post childbirth and a few months down the line, carrying pregnancy fat around can be tiresome and not so flattering for new moms. The first option is to exercise. But all that huffing and puffing comes to naught when you realize, the pounds have not budged an inch.

The other alternative option of plastic surgery is an easy and a stress free way of getting a desired shape and look. In New Jersey, Plastic surgery centers offer customized treatment plans for new moms who are looking for a way to slip and not squeeze back into those tight fit denims.

When it comes to pregnancy weight, it's not just one but many problem areas to tackle. Saggy breasts, bulging tummy, cellulite thighs, shapeless buttocks are just some of the troublesome post pregnancy issues.

And there are a variety of options available for new moms in New Jersey. Plastic surgery treatments like breast augmentation, liposuction, butt lift and body contouring can take care of all your image related issues.

Given the choices that you just read, it can be a daunting task to identify what is right for you or the need of the hour. Therefore, it is imperative that you do your research well and find a certified surgeon who you are comfortable with to discuss your goals and problems on a one on one basis.

Or else you can go for a complete package, a mommy makeover-the latest treatment preference that is the talk among all new moms in New Jersey. Plastic surgery treatments like liposuction and breast augmentation are done in conjunction to get the desired effect.

This package therapy ensures a wholesome result, instead of an unexpected and non proportionate effect on your body. So basically a consultation with the surgeon would pin point what needs work. Often a liposuction would be advised along with a breast augmentation to remove those really stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to thaw out even after following a rigorous routine of diet and exercise. Or a tummy tuck to remove that excess of sagging skin around your waist.

Your surgeon may also suggest some small procedures like laser skin rejuvenation to give you fresh and relaxed look, to diminish all skin imperfections that happen due to the hormonal changes after childbirth. Or go for an eyelid lift to diminish the effects of all those nights when your baby kept you awake.

Pregnancy can take a heavy toll on a woman's body. It gets stretched and swollen and once the baby is out, the elasticity is all gone and your body refuses to bounce back to its original shape. And more the number of children you have, the harder it is regain your looks.

According to 34-year-old Alice Cooper, a mommy makeover candidate from New Jersey, plastic surgery is a great method to restore your fab pre pregnancy figure in one shot, instead of tackling each problem area individually at a later stage.

But before you jump into any procedure head on, do remember to undertake the precautionary measures of ensuring the safety aspects of a clinic, possible results to be expected, and the board certification of the consulting surgeon.

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