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             28 September, 2023

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Tennis Bracelets and Stud Earrings - Elegant Pieces For Your Collection

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2009-06-23 07:13:01     
Article by John Hedin

Perhaps the two most classical pieces of jewelry a woman could wear has got to be tennis bracelets and stud earrings. The former will dress up any outfit, as well as complete an elegant look. The latter literally can be worn with anything as a way to show off your great fashion sense. One of the best ways you can add these timeless pieces to your collection is by purchasing them from a wholesaler. Many women do not shop for jewelry this way because they are so used to having society tell them they have to go to the large retailers because they have the best. In reality, the diamond pieces you get from a wholesaler are exactly the same as ones that are in an overpriced shop.

The reason that the traditional jewelry shop prices their items so high is not because they are better or of higher quality, it is because they have to pay their salespeople a high commission. When you buy your timeless tennis bracelets and stud earrings wholesale, you get to skip the whole commission part of it. When you do this, you are able to get better pieces that you originally could afford because you are saving so much money. Instead of getting just the bracelet or just the earrings, you can get both.

The most traditional stud earrings feature diamonds, although pearls come in a close second. The reason that so many women have these items in their jewelry collection is because they look great with any outfit for any occasion. You literally could wear them to the gym if you wanted because they still would not look out of place. They have such versatility in this regard as well as in another regard. They actually are one of the most popular unisex jewelry pieces because they look great on men as well.

Tennis bracelets on the other hand, although they cannot be worn as often as the stud earrings, they are just as popular. This is because so many women view their look as elegant and timeless that they just have to have them. In the past, only women of means could really afford these pieces. This is all changing because of wholesale jewelry stores. Instead of paying ridiculous commission prices, you get to keep your money.

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