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             29 October, 2020

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Vaginal Odor - Facts & Remedies

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2009-06-21 07:21:33     
Article by Victoria N

There are a few stuffs that are quite capable of disturbing the balance in the vagina. This malodorous form of an imbalance in the vagina is known as Vaginosis. A few reasons for vaginosis and the remedies for Vaginal Odor are given below:

• Poor Hygienic Condition: It is very essential that one needs to take bath every day at least twice a day. In case you have not had bath for nearly a week then you will start getting a bad smell from you body. You don't have to use strong perfumed soaps or sprays on you private parts it is enough if you wash you private parts with ordinary water.
• Pelvic Illness: Another reason for vaginosis is pelvic illness. Another state where the vagina becomes very alkaline is known as Candida. Candida occurs because of dieting, consumption of contraceptive pills and due to stress.
• A change in the hormone levels during pregnancy can lead vaginosis.
• Oral contraceptive pills and antibiotics taken regularly can lead to Vaginosis.
• If the lactobacilli level reduces then there are chances of infection.
• Usage of douches is really very bad for the vagina. The usage of douches can lead to reduction on lactobacilli.

A few things easy remedies for Vaginal Odor are given below:

• It is better if you don't use douches unless you are planning to get pregnant.
• Usage of condoms is necessary in case of various partners and in order to avoid STD's i.e. Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
• Eat healthy food and consume yogurt in you every day means as it contains lactobacilli in it.
• One among the best remedies for Vaginal Odor is to use cotton under garments as it allows air to circulate.
• Avoid using sprays and perfumes in you private parts.

By following these simple remedies for vaginal odor one can easily get rid of vaginal odor easily.

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