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             25 January, 2022

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A Common Marketing Mistake - Forte Or Foolish

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2009-06-18 09:08:46     
Article by Larry Arrance

Some people like commercials for entertainment and some like them because they can act as a signal to spend a couple of quality minutes with their family. I use them to see how other companies invest their marketing dollars. Now I will openly admit I am partial to Direct Response style marketing and against Brand Awareness.

There are some very effective commercials and a whole lot of terrible commercials. Some of the most idiotic commercials that I've seen lately come from the automaker Kia. They are running a series of ads with the same theme. One commercial has a beginner martial artist being thrown through a plate glass window. He points out that Karate is not his forte but that is (he is now pointing to a small car parked at the curb. A Forte) They have two more that involve an inept beekeeper and nerdy fellow basically admitting whatever they were doing was not their forte and then pointing to their small car.

At no time during the commercial have they given even a hint as to why this little car was worth test driving let alone buying. How much did they spend to say nothing? Think about the message they were sending out - the only people who are attracted to our automobile are inept and lack common sense. They do not even give a reason as to why they were happy or proud to own the car. At no point in the commercials are they ever in the vehicle. It is always seen parked and empty. Can you imagine anybody in the market for a small car thinking, "I should buy one of those. I want to be just like those people."

Imagine what you could do if you had their advertising budget.

What do I consider a good commercial? Proactiv skin care products uses their advertising time very effectively. They demonstrate the value of the product, show proof that it works and have a strong call to action. It is clear from the commercial that the advertisers knew what they were doing. They used the tried and true marketing formula of Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer.

If you are going to use television to market your products or services know what you want the commercial to accomplish. If you want it to generate leads and sales then follow the marketing formula. If you want it to entertain, save your money and leave that function to Hollywood.

Advertising works when it is done intelligently. It'll drain your bank account when handled foolishly.

Larry Arrance is an entrepreneur, author, workshop facilitator and Sr. Marketing Coach He's coached professionals and small business owners to achieving number one in their industries.

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