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             22 September, 2023

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Cacao Beans - This Summer's New Hit

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2009-06-16 07:22:27     
Article by Anne Ming

This summer it is likely that most kids will be spending the majority of their time, walking to and from the local convenience store, buying and then shoveling into their mouths, their favorite chocolate bar. The ingredients and actual content of all chocolate bars is usually printed in the back of the packet, but that still doesn't convey the correct unhealthy image that it should!

Chocolate bars are full of ingredients that are simply not fit for human consumption on a large scale. Chocolate is usually cooked off at intense high temperatures. Once this process is complete, the manufacturer simply adds as many unhealthy ingredients as possible, including white sugar, milk, and saturated fat and hydrogenated oils. Surely everyone can see that the damage that eating chocolate is potentially doing their bodies!

Whilst the majority will continue down the unhealthy route, many will discover the cacao bean, the natural and healthy side to chocolate. The Cacao bean originates from the Theobroma Cacao Tree and is extremely healthy, even in raw form. The organic Cacao bean is essentially free from caffeine, with only minor traces. It is used in several exotic and exclusive recipes worldwide and was originally discovered by Carl von Linnaeus in 1753, in the Amazon.

Of course, it is obvious that Cacao beans have no added sugars or chemicals, which straight away offers a huge improvement in comparison with a processed chocolate bars. In fact, Cacao beans actually contain a range of minerals that are fundamental to the health of your immune system, while the antioxidants also offer your body the healthy and support benefits that it needs. Many have suggested that cooking Cacao beans is a viable option, where as I would tend to disagree, as you lose a range of natural and healthy based benefits through a pan and a bit of heat, completely defeating the object.

Many underestimate how healthy the Cacao bean actually is. Alongside several fundamental minerals and antioxidants, it also contains traces of magnesium. I'm not a health professional, but even I know that magnesium works overtime to ensure that it support the heart, digestive system and brain as well as acting as a bone strengthener.

Other two major components of the Cacao bean include iron and Anandamide. Both of the above work together to help to provide a constant supply of oxygen to the body's blood stream as well as making you feel extremely fresh and vibrant. There are already a range of organic based ships supplying the Cacao bean; try it out!

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