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How to build your own DIY water filter

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2009-06-14 05:33:29     
Article by Cristian Stan

Many of you, just like me, have been sipping bottle water or even tap water in some cases. For many years I tried to come up with an alternative but I wanted something that didn't cost that much.

There was an easy way to my problem and I had to find it. My family and I usually spend about 3000 dollars for bottle water every year. This was huge. We decided to save some money. So this is how I started to research for another way in which to get clean, safe, filtered water at home.

At first I know nothing of water filters and I had to do a lot of research. There are also many differences between the filters. But soon I understood that the cheap ones of just 50 dollars aren't worth a damn. They don't filter the water correctly. The parasites and the bacteria were left in the water after the filtration.

But there are modern ones, with many features, that cost around or a bit more than 500 dollars. This is not a huge sum.
But another idea crossed my mind. I wanted to know if I could make a filter, a good one, for 80 dollars. I was astonished when I saw that it is very easy to make it myself. The water I produced with my home made filter was tasty, clean and fresh. And most of all, it was completely safe to drink.

What did I do?

I put two buckets, a spigot and two filter elements.
This is the whole filter and it does an amazing job. The one I made is a gravity filter and this means you don't need to use electricity.

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URL: http://www.homemadewaterfilter.net
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