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Accident Claim Solicitors Guide

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2009-06-13 08:29:50     
Article by Nick Jervis

How do you choose the right accident claim solicitors

The stress and strain of an accident can leave you emotionally (and financially) drained. If an accident wasn't your fault, there are plenty of personal injury solicitors to choose from if you want to pursue a claim. But how do you know which solicitor is right for you?

Make sure they're a specialist

It seems obvious, but make sure that your solicitor is experienced in dealing with personal injury claims. A qualified solicitor has had to undergo years of training and will have the appropriate qualifications. There are people who deal with injury claims that are not qualified solicitors and as good as they may be, they do not have the detailed knowledge of the law that a complicated personal injury case may involve. If you know someone who has had a successful claim then a personal recommendation is a good place to start. Alternatively, you can contact an impartial advisory service such as the Citizens Advice Bureau who may be able to give you the name of a reputable solicitor specialising in personal injury claims.


The most experienced and expert personal injury solicitors will be members of the Law Society's Personal Injury Panel. Membership of this organisation is only available to solicitors who have many years' experience in the field of personal injury claims and is a good indicator of a solicitor who will be capable of taking on more complex cases such as medical negligence claims. Not only does a member of the panel have to show experience in this field, but they also have to have been involved in claims that have gone to trial. Being a member of the PIP shows that your solicitor is not only qualified but experienced enough to handle your case.

If your claim is as the result of a road accident, you can also look for a solicitor who is a member of The Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS). This is a not for profit organisation that looks after the interests of road accident victims. Their members are highly experienced in dealing with this particular field and are fully aware of all recent changes in legislation and advancements in the area of road traffic safety.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) is another membership organisation for solicitors specialising in personal injury claims and can provide you with a list of solicitors in your area who specialise in personal injury claims of all kinds.


Specialist injury solicitors will ensure that you keep all of the compensation that is awarded to you and that you will not have to pay any legal fees through a system of before the fact or after the fact insurance. The fees and legal costs will be claimed from the opposite side and if your claim is not successful, a qualified injury solicitor will work on a 'no win, no fee' basis. This means that you will not be hit with a large legal bill should your case fail.


It is essential that you feel comfortable with the solicitor you choose to pursue your claim and that the lines of communication between you and them remain open at all times. Again, personal recommendation is a good place to start, but you should never feel intimidated or uncomfortable with your solicitor. They are there to look after your interests, so you should never be afraid of picking up the phone or talking to them face to face about your concerns or details of your case. You will be dealing with your solicitor for some time, so make sure that the working relationship between you is a good one.

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