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             25 November, 2020

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Become a Web Designer in Sydney

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2009-06-02 05:01:50     
Article by Justin Frost

Web Design has been a very popular profession to take up the last 10 years in Sydney. After the internet boom people caught on to the fact that the internet was here to stay and it can be a very lucrative industry. There are more and more web designers in Sydney popping up all of the time and it is getting increasingly harder for companies to find the right Sydney web designer for their project, and for Sydney web designers to find a good web design company to work for.

Web design is a very popular field to study and the courses that teach web design, web development, online media and anything else to do with the web are now very hard to get into, are very expensive or both! Due to this reason there are a lot of self taught web designers in Sydney. Teaching yourself web design is a great way to learn and in the profession you will always be learning as it is essential you keep up-to-date with the latest technologies, new programs and the latest web design trends. The only downside to not undertaking a recognised course is you don't get the a piece of paper when your done saying you passed. When applying for a job with a Sydney web design company they will mostly base their opinion on your portfolio of work and what skills you have rather than looking at what courses you have done. So it's very important you build up your portfolio and work on a variety of web design projects to show a range of web design styles.

The Web design profession now involves a varied and broad range of skills including interface design, information architecture, search engine optimisation and front-end development. Front-end development includes the slicing, css and html development of the web interface. This can also include some basic javascript, PHP or ASP work to integrate the front-end to the back-end or content management system. All these skills are not necessarily related to designing a web interface but are very beneficial in the whole process of designing a website and a good knowledge of them will allow you to create web designs that utilise these technologies and your website will end up having a much more dynamic and rich layout. Quite often these extra skills will assist in helping you find a job with a Sydney web design company.

If you have a few years under your belt working in Sydney as a web designer you will find it a lot easier to find a job than if you are just starting out in the web design industry. If you are an experienced web designer make sure your portfolio is as up to date as it can be and brush up on the latest web design trends and technologies. Sometimes working in the same job can shelter you from different design trends and techniques due to you not having enough time to study them or simply not needing to utilise new web design styles as your job doesn't require you to. If you are just starting out as a web designer in Sydney the same things apply to you... an up-to-date portfolio, wide range of styles and a basic knowledge of ALL the modern technologies. Being a less experience web designer doesn't mean you're not as talented it just means you are more of a risk for the Sydney web design company to employ as you don't have enough portfolio samples to prove yourself.

Sydney has hundreds of web design companies, all varying in size, skill and location. North Sydney is becoming a hub for web design companies and amongst them some of Australia leading agencies. If you look on the job portals or through newspapers there are always jobs going in Sydney, but, there are also a lot of web designers going for them. My advice to you would be keep learning, always try to push your web designs to be different and never give up looking for a job because eventually the right one will present itself to you.

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