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             01 February, 2023

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An Artistic Touch - Copper gutters

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2009-06-02 05:00:20     
Article by Mike Milliman

Having a copper rain gutter is a huge move in the right direction for a number of reasons. First of all, they are very durable. Yes, they may be more expensive than your standard gutter, but you're going to save money in the long run due to the incredible durability and the low maintenance. There is also the fact that they add a bit of an artistic touch to your home.

Now you might be thinking, "Who in the world pays attention to my gutter?" Well, you would be quite surprised how many people actually pay attention to your gutter. If you have the old white gutters, they may not be paying attention unless they are dented, scratched, or halfway hanging off of your home. But what you do want is for someone to say, "Wow, look at that!"

That can happen with a copper rain gutter.

You see, there are many different styles that are available. You can go with your traditional style or you can go with something a little fancier. The fancier styles tend to be those that are rounded and even have patterns engraved on them.

But why would anyone want something like that?

Well, take a drive through your neighborhood. You are bound to find someone with a copper gutter system on their home. Now, don't always look for those big shiny gutters that stand out amongst every home in the neighborhood. That is not necessarily what you are going to find. Sure, you may find one, but there are many people, particularly those living in stucco and stone homes that prefer to let their copper age.

What is meant by aging is allowing the elements to really get to it. This causes the copper to turn a certain color of green. If you've ever seen old copper antiques, then you know exactly what is being referred to here. You can allow your copper gutter system to have that antique look to it. Then again, you may choose that you want to preserve the shine, which is easy. You can take a trip to your hardware store or order sealants online. These sealants will keep your copper looking great. It is up to you what sort of coloring you want and what style you want. The good news is that the options are out there for you.

So if you are looking to applying that artistic touch to your home, copper gutters can do the job. Just close your eyes and imagine your beautifully trimmed bushes, your garden, the shutters on your home, and anything else around your home that you enjoy. Throw a copper rain gutter system on there and you can get an idea of what it is you're missing. Better yet, you can have a great looking copper gutter system and not have to worry so much about maintenance and other factors that your usual run-of-the-mill gutters have to undergo. You can also save money on your home insurance by having better gutters on your home. Now you can't beat that.

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