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             31 March, 2023

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To fix your business, fix your brand.

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2009-05-30 07:18:26     
Article by Garret Belisle

There is an old saying for struggling business, this applies now more than ever:

To fix your business, fix your brand.

Some folks begin by redoing the company logo or mail out materials while these are all well and good they only fix the face. It's like cutting off the head to cure a headache. You have to fix your brand and what the brand offer's then you fix your actual brand.

When any company large or small re brands they will almost always do some form of PR or advertising letting people know that a re brand is coming.

This is done for two obvious reason's.

1. It keeps customer's informed of an upcoming change.

2. It builds up excitement, and that is what makes a successful relaunch.

To strengthen my point, if you know me or know anything about me then you are aware of what a huge Gordon Ramsay fan I am. When he does his television show Kitchen Nightmare's he slowly rebuilds a business and then relaunches not only the business but the brand by very subtle yet genius techniques.

Examples such as getting the employees and owners on the streets talking to customers and letting them know of the upcoming changes and also asking what they would like to see change. It's a perfect way to gauge what your customer's want and need. In the business world this is known as Re branding and Brand revitalization

As the old saying goes when you find a need and fulfill it success is at your fingertips. The rest is up to you.

Key points to follow:

If people believe you fill a need or niche with unwavering quality and a great price, you have a strong brand. If they think your offerings miss the mark, their beliefs weaken your brand and lessen your chances of a sale.

With the current economic situation companies and their brands are under tight scrutiny and customers are turning to brands they value and trust.

So for new businesses there are a few questions you need to answer:

"Does your name and logo reflect the needs of potential customers?"

"Is there indeed a market for what you have to offer?"

"Do you have a rock solid guarantee in place?

Once you have established these items then you are in good condition to go forward.

Always remember that any business is literally as easy as cooking a great meal.

Simple, honest ingredients will always win over something you took from a can and rehashed. If your business model is similar to another companies then give it a twist and something more, something special.

Too many people are losing work and careers and some are even losing their homes. A few, sadly have taken their lives.

"It's never that bad"

Look at the market and thrive on it. Weather the storm and come out on top.

Napoleon Hill during the Great Depression had full buildings rented by offering to suit the needs of tenants and he took a hit for awhile but once the recession ended he was making money hand over fist.

More millionaires will be made online and through real estate in the next five years than most people realize.

Make sure you are one of them.

Make sure you sign up for updates to this blog.

Go out there, the world is waiting.

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