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Dogs With Ringworm - What to Do

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2009-05-20 06:31:58     
Article by Cristian Stan

As hard as it may be to believe, ringworm can affect your pets. Ringworm in dogs and cats is more common than you might think. Worse yet, it's also possible for your cat to pass it onto you, but don't freak out, it's rarely the case.

And while the thought of ringworm may not be a pleasant one, it really isn't a worm though, it's a fungus. Let's take a closer look at how ringworm gets started in your pets to begin with and what to look out for.

There are basically three forms of ringworm in dogs or cats, and every breed of dog or cat is susceptible to getting it. One type is found in rats. How can that affect my dog or cat? If your pet were to touch the rat, or dig around in its home, it could easily get ringworm. Another type is found in the soil. And the third type is found in cats only.

While ringworm on people will have a tell tale reddish colored ring shaped rash, on animals there is no set pattern. It can look completely different. This can make it difficult to know that it is ringworm.

So, how do you know if you have ringworm in dog or cat? Many people just assume that if their pet is itching a lot it is from having a few fleas. Makes sense, but you should take a closer look if they continue scratching on a frequent basis as this could be a sign of ringworm. Look for bumps on their skin, or hair loss around places where they have been scratching. This is a good indication of ringworm in your pet.

If you find that your pet appears to have ringworm, take it to the vet and have it checked out. The last thing you want to do is to blow it off and then have it spread and take the risk of getting it yourself. It's easily treated by a vet. They can give your pet a dip, or a special shampoo, and possibly a cream to put on the area infected. A vet can also answer any other questions you might have. You might also look in a pet supply store at medicine for ringworm. in dog or cat. Products containing Ketoconazole are recommended for dogs, and Itraconazole for cats.

Vets agree that treatment should continue for eight weeks, no matter how much better your pet is doing after only a few weeks. This is important due to the fact that the fungal spores from ringworm can exist for many weeks. Don't forget to treat your home at the same time you are treating your pet. Some believe that ringworm spores can live in your carpet for up to two years. Be sure to thoroughly clean your home. Vacuum your carpet and then change out your bag.

By simply following a few of these steps, and being aware of the situation, will help prevent any further complications. While the problem may seem like a real pain, you don't have to let ringworm in dog or cat get you down.

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