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             26 January, 2021

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Choosing Which Slot Machines To Play

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2009-05-19 07:14:26     
Article by Slots Hawkins

Often you go to the casino looking for a slots machine only to end up cash strapped after play. This can be quite frustrating especially when the machine flashes a big "Win Big!" on its signboard. In order to avoid another frustrating lost in slots, you may want to look for a machine that will definitely pay off like what it says.

Sadly, looking for such a machine is not an easy one. Indeed, with the tens of machines that are lined up in the casino's interior, looking for one particular machine that pays handsomely. One of the most popular myths that slots players are very familiar with is the loose machine.

The loose machine is basically one that pays more than other machines. While such machines do exist, since slot machines are often put in varying payouts, the methods of finding them are simply not feasible. Trying to play all of the machines, as some strategies say, is definitely a risk worth not taking, as this would require you to lose a ridiculous amount of money before you find one that actually pays good enough. On the other hand, strategies pointing to several locations where a loose machine is supposedly located will definitely prove useless, since the casino operators continuously moved the machines around. Besides, casino operators are probably well aware of the idea and will try to prevent gamers from cashing in on the machine.

In order to find a good slot machine to play in then, you need to play machines that have a high frequency of payback. These machines are basically the ones that pay much less per win, but shells out cash more frequently. What you want to do here is to go for multiple small wins, rather than getting a one time big win. The idea here is that you want to get more wins without risking a large amount of money.

Looking for these machines is much easier than looking for loose ones. All you have to do is look at the pay tables of the various machines before you play. Machines that have more winning combinations are the ones you are looking for. You can also observe other players beforehand in order to know the payouts.

While these are not definite guidelines in choosing a machine though, one thing that you should totally avoid is the wheel of fortune games. These games are essentially big money suckers that would end up emptying your pockets. Your chances of hitting the spin a wheel combination, where they say the big prizes are, is very small, thus you chances of hitting the winning combinations on the wheel is even much smaller.

Lastly, in order to definitely have the best from the slots machine, you yourself need to play at your best. Remember that your goal here is to get money. And you won't get anything if you continue to play for the big prizes, as you would eventually lose much later. You should therefore put a little amount aside from your winnings and know when to stop already.

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