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Keyword Research Software Reviews

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2006-08-27 22:44:23     
Article by Burt Cotton

Extensive keyword search and analysis is essential for website publishers. The performance of a particular website will depend upon the keywords it used as its content. For instance, if your website focused on “swimming”, its contents must have keywords and phrases that portrays on “swimming”. In this way, the site’s popularity search in a search engine will be higher, thus placing them on higher ranks during a particular search.

Another thing aside from higher rankings in a search engine is the profitability of the website. Although there are really high profits that can be derived from using Adwords or Adsense, if your site uses keywords that are not popularly searched by Internet users, there will be no visitors that will click on those paid advertisement.

How will you determine if a particular keyword or phrase is popular to Internet users? Fortunately, there are keywords analysis tools and software that you can use to determine it. In addition, it will not only identify what keywords are popularly searched but also it will determine how many times that particular keyword or phrase has been searched. It will be a great help in optimizing the contents of your webpage.

There are number of keyword research software that are available for keyword research and at the same time for its competitive analysis. Keep in mind that this software may be free of charge or will require you some monthly subscription.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

One of the major search engines in the web, Yahoo offers this search marketing tool to webmasters and Internet marketers who want to know the keywords people are searching. All the keywords that are stored in their database are updated in a regular basis. And this tool is offered free of charge. Just log in to the provided link in the Yahoo home page.


It is one of the popular keyword research software tools in the web today. Keyword results that are provided by Wordtracker are compiled from Dogpile and Metacrawler. Although the services provided by this software will require you monthly subscription, it is worth the money that you will pay; it has the ability to provide you the keywords you need to optimize your webpage content.


Nichebot provides you an updated top 15 weekly list of the popularly-searched keywords in the Internet. The result is retrieved from the Wordtracker database; thus it assures you the best keyword search you need. It has a thesaurus, keyword analysis, and other useful functions.

Google Sandbox

Although not as flawless as the results posted by the three previous keyword research software, Google Sandbox is still worthy and actually can be relatively useful when used with other keyword analysis tool. All you have to do is to take the results you have obtained from the Sandbox database, copy, and paste it to other research tool to provide you extra results as well as search counts.

Google Suggest

This research software is useful to analyze the competitiveness of the keywords that you have searched by popularity. If your keyword is low-competitive, you can use it as your webpage content in order for your site to gain higher rankings in a search engine.

Overture Keyword Tool

It is the longest-running keyword research software that has been the favorite of many Internet marketers before the introduction of the Wordtracker. It jumbles up the keywords along with the phrases that you have used and eliminates what it thinks are irrelevant words. It is quite effective if will be used with keyword analyzing software.

These are just some of the keyword search software that you can use in determining the keywords you need to optimize your webpage content and at the same time improving your site’s rankings in major search engines.

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