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             25 November, 2020

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Communicating With Purpose

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2009-05-02 08:27:34     
Article by Dot Struthers

Communication is the glue which holds your school together and yet it can also be the thread that keeps coming apart.

As managers we are so often focused on getting the job done that we can forget to consult and involve the right people in our decision making. The truth is that most of us are poor communicators and listeners probably because of all the distractions which limit our ability to think and plan.

Here are four easy steps to consider when planning any communication to your staff:

Have a clear message

Start by understanding why you are communicating, what impact are you trying to have? Motivate and inspire, reassure and build confidence or demonstrate urgency? Is it good or bad news you are communicating? What is your purpose?

Every communication has a beginning, middle and end so use the power of three, summarize what you are going to say in the first sentence, then say what needs to be said and then end by reminding them what you have said.

Think about your audience

Try to step into the shoes of the people you are communicating to. It will help you to understand where they are coming from and the things that would hook and interest them.

It's also useful to spend a few minutes thinking about how they are similar or different to you, in terms of their motivations, their day to day work and the language they use.

What is your invitation?

Sometimes we are not always conscious of this but when you are communicating you are sending your audience an invitation. Your intention may be to instruct them to do something, i.e. tell them what to do which is useful in the case of an emergency.

Or maybe you are trying to consult with them and ask them for views or feedback without creating any expectations that you will act on what they say.

What method should I choose?

Obviously there are several media you can use but consider what their advantages and disadvantages are. If what you are communicating is a one off or not very routine then a face to face approach is the best option, e.g. getting buy-in to the new school strategy.

I have heard of staff finding out they had lost their jobs by receiving a text message. This is not very personal or sensitive. Choose your media carefully whether it's electronic, print or face to face.

It's often easier to spot the failings in others communications than our own. Next time you are sending out a communication to your staff, think about the message, your audience, the invitation and the media you are using.

Dot Struthers works with people wanting to develop their leadership and management skills. To get her free monthly CPD newsletter register at website.

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