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How to Get Ahead of the Game With Your Article Marketing

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2009-04-26 07:49:58     
Article by Mike Long

In writing articles for the article marketing race, there is one simple way to get ahead of the competition: keep writing.

Simple, right? In the article marketing world, quantity has proven to be just as important as quality. The individual quality of articles will eventually direct readers to your resource box and eventually, your website.

But the number of readers you reach and ultimately, the increase in your traffic is determined by how many articles you churn out. The more articles you write, the more people will get to read them. Some clients just see, say, eight articles and think, that's plenty.

But ask any expert in the article marketing field and they will tell you that nothing is ever enough. To succeed in article marketing, writers should keep at it. Keep going, keep writing, keep learning, keep sharing, keep publishing, keep posting.

Learning something new is never a waste of time, especially not in the world of cyber information where your competitors in the article marketing field start to plot your downfall on the other side of the world when you go to bed.

Be curious and be interested in anything and everything that you can learn, there's always bound to be something else you can integrate into yourself out there. What marks your expertise isn't just how well you know something, but how much you know about everything. And the more you share, the more people can see how knowledgeable you are, and trust what you have to tell them.

When writing articles, be passionate. The constant writing and churning out of articles daily can turn it into a mechanical task, and it happens to most people. So make your articles stand out, put a little of yourself into each article.

Let readers know it's you with every sentence you write, let them feel that the article is talking to them personally, they should not feel as if they're learning from words, readers should feel as if they're learning from you personally. Keep them interested, but also keep them informed.

At the same time, don't sell yourself too hard. Put a piece of yourself into it, but not everything. An article isn't the time or place to do that. Writing articles is free, so reading articles is also free, readers shouldn't feel as if you want them to pay for the advice you give them.

Give them something they want, something they need, something they can use, and soon, they'll look for your articles, and eventually, in time, they'll come to trust you, and look for you. And when they do, you'll see everything worked out the way you wanted it to.

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