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How to Develop a Regular and Effective Article Writing Strategy

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2009-04-26 07:48:24     
Article by Mike Long

Article marketing can be a challenge, or it can be so simple a process that one wouldn't even have to refer to it as 'work'. This, though, greatly depends on how effective you formulate a strategy in order to increase chances of better, more profitable results.

You cannot write only one article, post it on an online directory, and expect traffic to your website to surge immediately after that: you need to do much more than that. Any well-known author in an online directory (EzineArticles being one of the more, if not the most, popular one) will be expected to have written articles by the thousands.

Before you give up on the thought of being successful in the field of article marketing, though, remember that there are many ways to make this seemingly daunting task much easier. Being a starting author, though, you should first focus on making your first set of articles marketable.

A regular dose of effort is required for this, but once you have a system of sorts up and running, you will have an impressive number of articles, each with thousands of readers, under your belt.

First of all, you must write article regularly. It makes no sense to have a quota of five articles a week if you're simply going to write them all at the end of that week: chances are, you'll have a bunch of sloppily written articles that will not be marketable to anyone.

It helps a lot to have a notebook where you can jot ideas down, so that you'll have a ready set of these when the time comes for you to actually write. Write regularly on your notebook: you will find that doing so will make it so that you will never be struggling for an idea, which will make it a lot easier for you to build up on articles on and for the sites.

And while we're on the subject, some of you may ask if there's a required quota of articles to write daily, if there's an optimal set number of articles to write every day. The answer is "not really".

It all depends on how much time you want to spend on creating a significantly marketable body of work, and how much time you can devote everyday to contributing to this body. Make this time, if you can: even if you are only able to write one article a month, you'll still have thirty by the time that month ends. The results, after all, are more than worth it.

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