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             25 November, 2020

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A Serial Killer in Sheep's Clothing - Dexter on Satellite TV

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2009-04-21 09:03:26     
Article by John R. Harrison

Showtime, a channel which you can duly enjoy courtesy of your satellite TV subscription is known for its select choice of programs. The shows it airs are quirky, smart, daring, off-kilter and usually critically adored and definitely well made all around, stuff you'd definitely want to tune up your HD TV for. Many of its recent programs have demanded more of its audience than your usual TV fare; audiences have had to sympathize with narcissists and deadbeats. But then again there is a distinct appeal to watching characters on the wrong side of the tracks, rather than having to suffer through your average teenage heart throb, sports star, cheerleader melodrama. Showtime makes interesting TV.

With Dexter, they've really done some work. Now the audience is meant to fall in love with a serial killer who poses as the nice guy next door, and the concept works. People love Dexter; in fact, people sympathize with the guy despite his bloody line of work.

Dexter works as a blood spatter expert for the Miami police department. Irony abounds. That's his day job of course. During the night, this seemingly timid and rather gallant man becomes a serial killer, but here's the catch, our beloved Dexter isn't a raving lunatic killer, Dexter has a code. He calls it 'the code' actually, and it basically dictates that Dexter will not kill just anyone. He kills the bad guys. Dexter likes to kill, it gives him a rush; however, he operates selectively, controlling his impulses using the training passed down by his policeman father.

Dexter chops off and even takes a chainsaw to his victims, but again, these are people who have killed themselves and have slipped through the grip of the law. The show manages to maintain this delicate balance of the absolute and the moral, despite its dark subject matter. Dexter never inflicts harm on the innocent; there are no collateral victims in his mission.

The question is will Dexter be caught? His hobby means that he is dumping all these sawed up body parts into the bay. Of course, the police have found this stash and are now on the hunt for so called Bay Harbor Butcher. As the audience wonders how he will evade capture, they also know that he won't be caught, at least not in any easy or expected manner.

The actor who plays Dexter, Michael C. Hall has a knack for making Dexter a compelling, almost likeable character, but he is never, too nice or sympathetic. He is constantly rigid, on his guard, yet he still comes off as the normal guy next store.

The show is stylish and smart. It demands to be watched attentively in HD, if you are able. It's obviously not for young children and grannies, but again, there's the appeal. Dexter is different. He's not even easy to like at times. The eternal introspective narration and the local color may leave some to seek other greener pastures, but still Dexter is well worth the watch.

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