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How To Write A SEO Friendly Blog

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2009-04-12 08:00:18     
Article by Tanny

A blog is a short for weblog,and it is a personal or a business webpage, containing info. Any blog owner knows how easy it is to create your own blog and start adding content to it. Today, the internet is very accessible and anyone who wants to can start a blog or two, or even more. The blog can be a business blog or personal blog, it doesn't matter, but it has to be a SEO friendly blog, meaning a blog that is optimized for search engines to find.

This article will show you how to write a SEO friendly blog post:

1. Start with making a list of longtail keyword phrases. You want it to be 3 words or higher phrases, with low competition and high search volume per month. Making this list will provide you with a list of ideas to write your blog posts.

2. A blog is like a webpage and you want your keywords to appear in your blog post title. It is important to use the keywords in the beginning of the title, in some blogs, this phrase will show in the post url too.

3. A SEOed blog post is a post with the chosen keyword phrase in the first paragraph. Try to insert the phrase as close to the beginning of the paragraph, bolding it or adding the Strong tag to it. Other emphasis will work to. The meaning of this step is to show the search engine that this is an important phrase, and you want it to be indexed.

4. Unlike article marketing, where the article body is long, in blog posts, which are 250 to 300 words, it is not recommended to add the chosen keyword phrase again in the text. It won't look natural and you want your blog post to be reader friendly too, not just search engine friendly. However when you create your list of longtail keyword phrases try to find similar keywords, that mean the same and also make sense, then you can use this phrase in your post. The more natural your post will look and sound the better, and it won't get penalized by the search engines for spamming.

5. You are getting to the end of your post, in the last paragraph insert your chosen keywords again, and again bold them or add the strong tag to them. It is also recommended to hyperlink your chosen keywords to your website, if you have one. A hyperlink will give you a backlink to your website for the chosen keywords and help you with your SEO efforts.

Writing a SEO friendly blog post is just the first step. This will help the search engines notice your blog and index it, but you need more. Post regularly, everyday, once a week, but keep adding fresh content to your blog, making each post SEO friendly.

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