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             22 January, 2021

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Investing In Your Grandchildren Is Not Expensive

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2009-04-04 07:57:41     
Article by David Miller

I believe the greatest investments we can make while we are alive are to invest in our children, or grandchildren. By invest I am not talking about money, although there is nothing wrong with money. We all enjoy buying them things like kids bedding, or something else for their rooms. What I am talking about is investing your time and just having fun with your grandchildren.

I remember one day when my grandson and I were just going for a ride. He was about three years old. He said Papa can we go to look at the "train wagons"? It took me a second or two to realize that he wanted to go to see the train boxcars. So we did just that. On the way we passed an Ostrich farm. He said "wow look at that bird". I laughed as I turned the car around so I could park where he could get a better look. Finally I said to him, "what kind of bird is that"? He thought for awhile and responded "its an Ooo... Ooo... Oyster". These are the kind of experiences create memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Kids are so great. It is fun to watch their minds work as they are trying to make sense out of their surroundings. Children are industrious, intelligent and innocent. These early years are the best time to influence your grandchildren.

There are so many things you can do with your grandchildren. How about reading them a story? As a child I can remember story time as one of my favorite things. My father had a great sense of humor. He would like to tell us stories, but he would like to put a twist on them. For instance instead of the "Three Little Pigs" he would tell the story of the "Three Little Sows". There were times that his children would get into heated debates with their teachers on how exactly the story really goes. Again this creates memories that will last as long as we live. This could not have happened without the parent spending or investing time into their children. So remember, read to them. Children at this age really love it, especially if the story is lively and easily understood. You can make going to the library a special event. Do it often with your grandchildren.

Another one of my favorite times is taking a long walk with kids. It is great to let them explore, bring the dog along. Kids and dogs just seem to go together. I especially like to walk in wooded areas. It is great fun to discover any kind of wild life. This is an opportunity for teaching kids things like being kind to animals as well as insects. Teach them that we are going into the animals' home and we should be respectful to them. Teach them that animals have a right to be there. It is where they live. Teach them the value of bugs, worms, insects, plants, and anything and everything we come across. Again these are times that become valuable as memories, both to the grandparents and also to the grandchildren.

Go to the zoo. Let them see all the animals, and let them pet them if that's allowed. There's nothing like getting up close the animals they've seen in books.

My name is Dave miller. I have been self employed for twenty years before retiring. I have built and owned two small mini malls in central Wisconsin. Currently I have an internet store. Please click on my link and go to my website I know you will enjoy your shopping experience there! Thank You!

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