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             16 October, 2021

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Keeping Your Cat As Healthy As Possible

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2009-03-31 05:54:08     
Article by Cristian Stan

If you want to make sure that your cat remains healthy most of the time, the main tips we can give you is to give her good food, enough water and a good shelter. But, ultimately you can't stop a cat from getting sick.

If you own a cat, you should make sure that you give her the best food possible. The absolute best is to give her premium cat food, since it's made out of the best ingredients. Paying a bit of attention to how the cat behaves can give you an idea if it's sick. In most cases, the regular sicknesses and ailments are of the minor variety, but the vet should determine that, in case it's something more serious.

Paying attention to the behavior of the cat can give you very good signs that something is wrong with the cat. If she lays around, looks sluggish or doesn't have any energy, it's advisable that you take it to the vet as soon as possible. Also pay attention to the cat's coat. If the cat sheds too much or becomes patchy and dull, you should visit the vet immediately and let him check it out.

Vomiting and diarrhea are two common symptoms even if the disease is of the more simple variety. If they persist after the first day, make sure you go to the vet. Hairballs are dislodged from the cat's throat by coughing, so this is normal in most cases. If the reason seems to be another, get him to a vet.

Getting the cat vaccinated is a good way to keep your cat from getting sick in most cases. Feline distemper and rabies are two examples of diseases that a vaccine can prevent from happening. Feline distemper especially is a very dangerous disease for a cat to have, but it's also extremely easy to prevent. If the cat does get this disease, the time to treat it is not very long.

An extremely deadly cat disease is feline leukemia, which can be avoided if the cat gets the proper vaccines. While humans are safe from getting this illness, cats can easily get it from other cats. Even though vaccines exist now for this disease, it would be advisable not to keep the cat around others that are sick with this disease.

Worms are an issue with cats that are kept on the outside a lot. You can spot cats with worms by checking out their lack of appetite and the lackluster coat. Two of the main types of worms that can be found are hookworm and ringworm. Cats can get worms from lice, fleas or by eating organs of rodents that are dead. By doing this, the eggs are digested by the cat, and after they mature they will get on the intestine's walls. Keeping your cat safe from worms can be done by giving it garlic on a regular basis.
By taking a few precautions you can have a great chance of keeping your cat healthy. For example, making sure you give the cat good food and that you take it to the vet on a regular basis. The cat will be protected against a lot of diseases if she gets the vaccines in time. When you have a cat, you should do a lot of prevention work to make sure it doesn't get sick.

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