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             08 December, 2023

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2009-03-28 06:49:14     
Article by Ranbir Singh Bhai

Yogi Botanicals International, USA, is an international strategic, consulting, market research and business development company.YBI provides quality specific and competitively priced, certified organic raw agro-commodities to industrial companies, distributors and importers in EU and North America.

We are specialized in sourcing and supplying specialised commodities by developing sustainable projects and products on business demand, without considering any barriers/boundaries of Language, Culture and Country.

We have our own controlled and managed worldwide projects, long term partnerships, strategic and strong associations with our suppliers and clients worldwide and thus have a globalized supply network to deliver reliable, abundant and quality specific products.

We export Organic Products from third party as well with verified documentation and operation methods under full control of YogiBotanicals staff and approved certification by EU Organic Certified Agencies.

YogiBotanicals team brings over 25yrs of experience in marketing and distributing sustainable products throughout Western markets based on its insight local and International research, market analysis from its focused, dedicated and highly qualified team of industry specific professionals and global network. This experience is extended to producers as an assistance at all facets of importing and selling products into EU and USA .

Yogi Botanicals network of offices and multimodel service providers ensures that your shipments connect to the right place, at the
right time, for the right price.

We are International Logistics Provider across the world with a focus on providing our clients, partners and agents with efficient and cost effective integrated transportation solutions for both air and ocean, import and export to or from any point.

In today's world of International Trade and Global Commerce, there is more emphasis than ever before on the value of maintaining a smooth and efficient suply chain that links suppliers with customers in a seamless manner. Our selection of value added services and solutions, allows our clients to focus on their core business and leave the rest of YOGI BOTANICALS.

Specialized in: Organic Spices - Honey - Dried Flowers - Extracts - Oleoresigns - Essential Oils
URL: http://www.yogibotanicals.com
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