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             25 February, 2021

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SCREEN2SWF and your presentation.

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2009-03-25 07:34:40     
Article by Anthony Owens

SCREEN2SWF is a screen recorder that allows you to make flash video presentations as well as tutorials. Now you can easily make presentations and instant screen demos using the SCREEN2SWF. This is done by confining the activity on your local desktop and adding text annotations and optional audio. Here you have a choice. You can either just a particular activity in a selected area or confine the complete desktop. You can also set the capture speed to about thirty frames per second 043 30 fps.

There are many wonderful features associated with the SCREEN2SWF. These include frame effects like fading or zooming, highlighting of the mouse clicks and frame optimizations. You can export the resulting movie to SWF format, AVI video for web publishing. This screen recorder is the best choice for tutorials, presentations or screen demos as it possess the highest compression ratio across the world.

• Record the movement of the mouse and the mouse clicks
• Record onscreen changes
• Record speech from a microphone
• Record any activity at a high speed.
• Edit explanations, image and add text in the recorded video
• Cut clips or add delay
• Add different effects to your video like fade in, focus, zoom in or out effects

SCREEN2SWF is simple and fast to use that offers great efficiency to its users. It occupies very little system resources, gives you the best quality and scalable settings. There are certain limitations to this software. SCREEN2SWF expires after sixty days. It requires fifteen hundred seconds for recording. It has a nag screen and logo on output flash video.

SCREEN2SWF, this application helps you in creating presentations and tutorials form the information confined on-screen. However, it produces the highest compression rates; the demo version has a limitation of about 1MB file size. Except this point, it has complete functionality of the original version.
Record any change on the screen instantly with the help of your mouse. Capture the sounds from the microphone and make the settings available to get the most effective recording of the stereo sound. You can catch upto 30 frames per second in order to receive the smooth capture of all the movements. Once you capturer it, and don't like some things in it, you can definitely alter it according to your wish. Edit it and add the suggestive changes in it to make your demonstrations more active.

SCREEN2SWF also enables you to cut the pieces of video not needed or add delays at the end stage. You have a choice to create your self-running AVI file, SWF file or EXE file depending on your target group. Based on the situation create an attractive and colorful presentation of a monochrome item. The size of the files and quality need verifies your selection in this range. This application can also produce the world's smallest files for comparable quality that will ease its distribution through the internet.

Overall, we can conclude saying that SCREEN2SWF is an excellent application that is easy and simple to use with a number of qualitative features that makes it a star-rated item very easily.

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