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             06 March, 2021

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Advantages of SCREEN2SWF software.

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2009-03-18 06:00:55     
Article by Richard Bryan

SCREEN2SWF is amazing software assists any user to know accurately what is done for the server and by whom and when. This Fabulous tool creates screen demos with uppermost compression ratio. You can freely download this software. It works as great screen recorder used to create tutorials, presentations, and instant screen demos.

With this software user can record onscreen changes, speech from microphone and mouse clicking and even clicking as well. This software allows user to add text, annotation, mosaic and image in your recorded video. You can even add zoom in, fade in and focus effects. User can add delay and cut clips. Another great thing about this software is you can export EXE self-play file, flash movie and better quality and scalable settings. This software lets any user to set out quality from the mode of lossless true color to the mode of lossy grayscale that assists user to obtain better trade-off between two things that are file-size and quality.

This software is based on advanced, unusual designed SSCV2 codec , which makes it to have the uppermost compression ratio as compared to other great screen recorders. This software is known as smallest movie files useful for fast sharing. This smaller file is very significant when any user wishes to share his demo through the Internet. Besides all these features it is very fast and well-organized software occupies less system resources.

Now we will discuss some key features of this software. With this software user can record screen action and then save the action as Flash Movie. The flash files of this software are very small but very good for utilizing them on your own website. System requirements for this program include Win9x/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003. User can add pictures, graphic objects and texts after finishing the recording or changing the present objects. The picture that you add is saved as JPEG images within the flash files, which means small files. It records onscreen activities throughout user sessions for the purpose of future replay

Utilizing this wonderful tool user can Screen to SWF, Screen to Flash, Screen to Flash Movie, Record Screen to SWF and Record Screen to Flash Movie. With this software user can show everything he wants, for eg, how to utilize the software if any person is a software developer or how to make solution on the computer problem if any person maintains a website of computer problems.

It is very easy to handle and powerful tool assists user convert any flash movie into a Screensaver, which is an installable flash screensaver. User is able to make flash screensaver direct from his flash.SWF files. It allows user to customize previews, installation window and settings to provide him maximum promotion as well as brand visibility. Converting any flash movie into a screensaver within minutes is possible with this software. The mouse movement is always stored as Vector animation. It means that when a button is pressed only the button is drawn again. It is licensed under shareware and launched on 30th of October 2008. The wonderful thing about this software is that you don't need to learn anything to utilize this software independently.

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