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             28 January, 2021

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Earning Serendipity-Your Gateway To Make Opportunity Matter From Glenn Llopis

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2009-03-12 08:38:26     
Article by Serendipter

Most of us believe in chance. Most of us accept it's by pure chance that success happens. Those who are successful are simply fortunate. And there is nothing one can do but wait and watch till fortune dawns all on a sudden. Thus we are awed by people around to whom good things always come, the flourishing tribe, the favorites of fortune. And we yearn to be like them, to be fortunate. Little do we realize that their good fortune springs not from mere chance but from a rare ability to see what the majority miss and to exploit what most think uncontrollable? They are not lucky and their momentum is no accident. They just know how to earn good fortune. That's it.
Earning good fortune is what Glenn Llopis and Earning Serendipity Methodology is all about. It is said that misfortune chases us all but the truth is that fortune pursues you more swiftly. It reaches for you. You must learn only to seize it where it dwells sow its seeds wherever you go. Glenn Llopis, through his book 'Earning Serendipity' will give you the eyes to see good fortune reaching, and the tools to keep it on your side from this day forward. To be precise Earning Serendipity will teach you the art and science of earning good fortune.
The Earning Serendipity Methodology ™ teaches a unique combination of entrepreneurial skills that yield a progressive workplace brimming with innovation and initiative. It will show readers that most positive changes in fortune-those outside of straight betting luck- are no mystery at all. They are the result of a rare combination of four skills that readers can develop and apply in their careers, businesses and lives. These four skills are:
• Seeing with circular vision: Broaden your observation beyond what you seek and beyond the obvious details before you, and enlarge your field of opportunities; search within conversations and adverse circumstances for possibilities.
• Sowing entrepreneurial seeds: When good vision is met with consistent, hand-dirtying execution every day, the result is a stable, growing fortune; focus on proper timing and proper depth.
• Growing seeds with the greatest potential: Learn how to recognize the most promising opportunities and give them the right amount of attention; don't let the best opportunities wilt and don't waste energy on opportunities with limited potential.
• Sharing the harvest: Focus on meeting others' needs to improve personal good fortune; make generosity part of your purpose, an integral part of the DNA of your career or company.
Those who master this quartet - tap into a power most never reach: the power to create and sustain a momentum of good fortune. This ability to earn serendipity can elevate your career or company quicker than any single force. And with the skills outlined in this book 'Earning Serendipity', you will be catapulted onto the path of prosperity.

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