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             20 October, 2021

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5 ways to tell if you need your cars transmission fix

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2009-02-24 06:41:49     
Article by Jim kavoosi

The transmission of a car is known to provide torque to the car and they are mainly of two types i.e. manual and automatic. In the automatic transmission the driver does not have to make use of his/her hand as the gears will shift automatically whereas in manual transmission the driver needs to make use of his/her hand in order to shift the gears while driving. Sometimes the transmission can become faulty and can affect the smooth functioning of your car, but how to figure out the transmission problem in your car is the question which most commonly arises in people's mind. If this is the case then read on the below mentioned 5 steps which can help you know whether your car needs a transmission fix.

Watch out for the admonition signs:

Actually, if it is a transmission failure then your car will give problems when you try to start your vehicle. In addition, your vehicle will stop moving in any direction. While driving you may feel some trembling experience. Especially when you are driving at a high speeds. It may be due to poor engine tune, but this doesn't rule out transmission problems. Transmission repairs can prove to be costly and therefore proper maintenance can help you to stay out of such problems. A burnt smell can also be a sign of faulty transmission. If you find such signs visiting an Auto Repair shop in MN or transmission repair in MN is very much advisable before the matter gets worst.

Leakage can also be a trouble sign:

Incase you see any pink fluid spilled under your car while moving from a parking position. This it is a sign of transmission failure or faulty transmission. The pink fluid can leak from 20 different seals and out of the 20 some seal that are really easy to repair while others need proper repairing service with the help of a mechanic. It is advisable for the people to check out for the fluids whether it is high or low. If the fluid is really low then it can make your car to come to a standstill. Therefore check whether your car has adequate quantity of fluid.

Check for the bad clutch:

It becomes very much important to change the clutch once your car reaches a high mileage. It is necessary because, if the clutch becomes bad you will find it difficult to shift the gears. An Auto Repair MN or Transmission repair MN can surely help you out from such a problem.

Check out the engine lights:

Most of the new cars have transmissions which are controlled by the computer and a engine light can help you know whether your transmission is faulty or not. The computer can recognize even minor transmission problem that would be unnoticeable to the driver.

Slipping of transmission:

In such a case the engine is revving up properly but the wheels are not subjected to get proper power. Slipping of transmission can be due to several reasons and therefore it is advisable to visit an Auto Repair MN or transmission repair MN shop.

Jim kavoosi

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