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Green With Envy?

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2009-02-17 06:52:31     
Article by Regina Jacques

It won't be long before Saint Patrick's Day is here! Why do people wear green on Saint Patrick's Day so as not to get pinched anyhow? Some say that it started back in the 1700's. If you wear green, you will be invisible to Leprechauns (a mischievous elf) and a pinch was a warning. Some have said pinching gives you a bruise so you'll have green on you! Who knows! It turns out, it is an American made tradition.

Soon the Chicago River will be dyed green, and green dyed beer will also be flowing amongst many pubs! I heard that drinking dark Irish beer may be as effective as daily aspirin by reducing the blood clots that cause heart attacks due to the antioxidants that reduce cholesterol deposits on artery walls.

The tradition of drinking on St. Patty's Day is an old Irish legend called Pota Phadraig or Patrick's Pot. It is as "drowning the shamrock" because it is customary to float a shamrock leaf in your whiskey before downing it.

St. Patrick was given a shot of whiskey that was much less than full. St. Patrick wanted to teach the innkeeper a lesson about generosity, so he told him that a monstrous devil resided in his basement who fed on the dishonesty of the innkeeper. In order to banish the devil, the man needed to change his ways.

When St. Patrick returned some time later, he noticed that the owner was generously overflowing the customers' glasses. He went to the cellar with the innkeeper and found the devil wasted away from all the landlord's generosity. He then quickly expelled the demon, stating that thereafter everybody should have a drop of the "hard stuff" on his feast day. Well, alrighty then!

There are going to be St. Patty's Day parades and pub gatherings everywhere. Now's the time to make sure you have some kind of self defense weapon on you at all times because you simply never know when you may need it. The perfect item to have is a cell phone stun gun like a Stun Master Cell Phone Stun Gun or a Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun.

They're a great means of protection as you can clip it to your side and no one will ever know it's a stun gun! When you show all your friends, they will be "Green" with envy!

Yours In Safety,

Regina Jacques

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