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             16 January, 2021

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Home Water Treatment Systems - Why You Need to Choose Carefully to Protect Your Health

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2009-02-16 05:26:21     
Article by Raymond Hamilton

Home water treatment systems are fast becoming a necessity in our lives today as the quality of our water declines. But selecting the wrong system can have serious implications for your health.

A study by the Ralph Nader Research Institute found there are over 2100 toxic chemicals in our water, including pesticides, antibiotics and even growth hormones. No wonder water treatment products are a booming area! Many of these contaminants can have potentially very serious consequences for our health and well-being, so selecting the right home water treatment systems is essential.

The main types of water treatment products on the market today are distillation, reverse osmosis and carbon filtration systems. Distillation and reverse osmosis result in the same problem, demineralized water. Nowhere on earth does this naturally occur as we need these essential minerals to be healthy and they are absorbed better via water than food. These are minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Even the World Health Organisation concluded after a multi -year study that we should drink water with minerals in to be healthy. If we don't, our bodies will pull then from our teeth and bones to compensate.

Even though these home water treatment systems are advertised as great for purifying, they are only effective at removing the chlorine. Many of the dangerous substances like heavy metals get in under their radar.

On top of this they discard an average of 3 gallons for every one used. That is a huge amount in this day and age where we are all trying to be more conscious of what we waste, and expensive if you have a meter. Water treatment products today must be more efficient and effective, bearing in mind the technology we have at our disposal.

The best home water treatment systems are carbon filtration. The quality ones use a multi-stage process and an active carbon filter, and have a 99% removal rate, which is the highest of anything on the market. They also employ a sub micron filter and ion exchange, which gets rid of the heavy metals and other contaminants without removing any of those vital minerals.

They waste nothing, nor do they require electricity, saving money and the environment! Surprisingly, they also cost less than the other systems mentioned, and the result is clean and safe, for less than 9 cents/gallon. If you are going to spend your hard earned cash on water treatment products, to protect the health of your family, you want to get the best and safest product possible.

So I suggest you research a little more, and seek out those few home water treatment systems that really do what they say, and you will not have to worry about the quality or safety of your water again.

As part of your research, why not visit my website to see which water treatment products I recommend.

Ray Hamilton is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the incredible benefits of safe, clean, healthy water.

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