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             16 May, 2021

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Employee Team Project Incentives for Internet Companies

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2006-08-21 22:48:49     
Article by Lance Winslow

There are many ways to give much needed incentives to employees such as stock options, Christmas Bonuses and profit sharing. However, consider a start up entrepreneurial company, which is web based. What can you do to give a little back to your employees and generate some real productivity and tap into some of the creative genius of your work force? Well there are many things you can do and innovative ways to do it too.

Consider if you will a fast moving highly successful website which is a category killer in its online niche. There will be ample opportunities to expand this and develop offshoots from the core market segment. But it is also important to stay focused too.

One thought is that you take an offshoot side market and begin to exploit the sub-niche and they you spin off this site onto a Employee Team Project and run it separately. You keep it on your servers and keep 50% equity and give the rest to employees as an incentive and allow revenue sharing. All work done on the site would be volunteer on their part for their share.

At this point all your new sub-category site needs is synergy and it will take time in getting there, but your employees can watch it grow and put in the hard work it takes to take it to a higher level. In this way you can stay with it, without diverting your company’s focus to the core business. Think of it like a special team on a football team. Consider this in 2006.

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