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Barcode Verifiers deliver economical Barcode Verification in a handy and quick manner

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2009-02-16 05:11:45     
Article by B Kaur

Barcode Verifiers are widely used in healthcare industry, transportation industry and industrial markets and the businesses that produce barcodes.

Barcode Verifiers provide an ergonomic, accurate, durable and cost-effective way of checking barcode standards. Barcode Verifiers are perfect masters when it comes to checking and measuring the format of a barcode. A verifier decodes and measures the format of a barcode in order to grade the results for corrective solutions.

Barcode verification involves checking of a bar code against a defined set of standards, usually, ANSI and/or ISO with the main objective of ensuring that the bar code will be readable by standard commercial bar code scanners and readers. It also ensures that a barcode verifier can pick up the correct barcode data. Failure of Barcodes to read correctly could add to the cost of your business in addition to the fines slapped by retailers for non compliant barcodes. Due to this, product tracking and electronic supply control may become difficult and cumbersome. Scanners and Barcode verifiers work in a similar manner except that Barcode Verifiers perform a series of eight tests. Each of the eight tests is attributed a grade ranging from 0.0 to 4.0 and the lowest of the eight tests is termed as the scan grade.

For majority of applications, a 2.5 grade is taken as the minimum acceptable grade, and the numbers for each test line can be further evaluated in order to make it easy to adjust the printer to improve the verification grade. Barcode Verifiers measure barcode symbol quality to ensure that every barcode reader can read the barcodes produced by you. However, if you produce labels using label printers, you should use a printer with an inbuilt verifier for effective reading. Barcode Verifiers analyze Barcode quality against traditional quality parameters and ANSI-CEN-ISO print quality guidelines for Retail, Healthcare and Industrial applications. You can choose from the various Barcode verifier options including compact and portable ones to check barcode quality against traditional quality parameters and ANSI X3.182/CEN1635 bar code print quality guidelines.
Latest Barcode Verifiers can be used in conjunction with LCD and colored LEDs to check the results. To accommodate both right and left handed operators, the LCD image can be flipped for reading in either course. You can also use scroll and select buttons to quickly display complete test results. Manufacturers that produce barcodes must adhere to the quality standards like ANSI, ISO and other industry standards.

Barcode Verification can be done in two manners, Static Verification and On-Line Verification. During Static Verification individual barcodes are manually verified where as in On-Line Verification different barcodes can be measured simultaneously along with the graphical display of the grading trend of each barcode. Barcode Verifier should comply with the following International Standards:

•Barcode verifiers need to be produced in strict compliance to linear barcode verifier compliance standard ISO 15426-1 or two- dimensional barcode verifier standard ISO 15426-2 T

•International quality specification for Liner Barcode Verifiers is ISO/IEC 15416 whereas for two-dimensional barcodes, it is ISO/IEC 15415

•ISO IEC 15416 standard has replaced the European Standard EN 1635

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