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             22 January, 2021

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5 Facts About Solar Energy - Get Electric Company to Pay You When You Build Your Own Solar Panel!

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2009-02-04 04:11:30     
Article by Jade Green III

Are you interested in getting the electric company to pay you? If so, here are 5 facts about solar energy that should help you make the decision about whether to go green.

1) Save Money. Most of us spend around $3600 a year on electricity. By making your own small solar panels you can easily stop spending this $3600 a year and start putting it away towards something more beneficial to you, and your family.

2) Stop Pollution. The energy you use now puts more CO2 in the air. This is what is contributing to global warming. You would have to make 3-4 solar panels in order to be completely off the grid. By doing this you will no longer have to worry about your own carbon footprints and you will stop contributing to global warming.

3) Get Paid. In some states your electric company has to pay for electricity you send back to them, this is called net metering. You could save your excess energy by having your own solar batteries, or you could use it for this purpose. The electric company will send you a check in the mail, instead of a bill. Money might be the one of the most beneficial of all facts about solar energy.

There are actually 44 states including the District of Columbia that have some kind of net metering in place.

You can look up the renewable energy incentives in your area on DSIRE (database of state incentives for renewable energy). dsireusa.org/Index.cfm?EE=0&RE=1

4) Live Anywhere. No matter where you live (except in a cave) you can build your own solar panels and use them for residential energy. This means that you can live in third world countries, and produce your own electricity. You do not have to be hooked up to any grid system. You don't have to worry that your lights will go out due to bad weather.You will be self sufficient as far as energy goes.

You might be wondering based on your location if you can build solar panels that will work. The truth of the matter is solar power has been used in arctic areas such as the north and south poles, so there is no need to worry about this.

5) Great Power. Solar energy has come a long way. Cars can even be powered by solar cells. They do tend to be slower and run out of power a lot faster than fuel vehicles but they have come a long way. Solar energy can be used to fully run your home. Any appliances you that are electric can easily be used with home solar power from your own solar panels.

Are you ready to start saving money with solar energy?

You can learn about all of the guides available on how to build your own solar paneland wind power by visiting http://diy-solar-wind.com

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URL: http://diy-solar-wind.com
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