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What to feed a Diabetic Dog

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2009-01-25 05:00:12     
Article by Cristian Stan

If you have ever wondered "What do I feed a diabetic dog?" this article will cover the topics you are looking for. What to feed a diabetic dog is a very important point to learn on so that your dog will have a happy, enjoyable and productive life.

The food to feed a diabetic dog relates to the original problem of what caused the diabetes in the first place. The problem with diabetes is one of not being able to use the energy, called sugar or glucose that enters the bloodstream. This is caused by lack or total loss of insulin production by your dog's pancreas. Overeating combined with a lethargic lifestyle causes an obese dog and then contributes to the cause of diabetes in dogs.

What to feed a diabetic dog in this case is just as important as making sure they start becoming more active. Do not let the dog lay around after a meal. It is also a good idea to give the dog two or three smaller meals instead of only one or two larger meals.

The food to feed a diabetic dog should be one of significantly low sugar content. The juicy or moist packages of dog food should be closely examined for high sugar content if you can. These are usually a prime source of too much sugar for your dog. The dry dog foods are better than the packaged moist ones for a diabetic dog.

The diet of a dog that you want to keep lean, healthy and active is one that you would normally use to prevent diabetes. This means that high-protein, slow-digesting foods are good for your dog, as they will not "shock" the dog's body with a high dose of sugar all at one time. The food to feed a diabetic dog will be those that have a "slow burn" metabolically speaking.

A food not to feed to a diabetic dog is table scraps. If you do feed them from your own table, it is wise to avoid the spicy foods. A dog is not a person. Although feeding your dog "people food" may make you feel like you are including it as one of the family, the truth is that the fatty foods we eat can cause health problems for the dog. Commercial businesses have spent a lot of money creating a diet for your dog that is tailored to what it needs. Take advantage of their experience and your diabetic dog will have an easier life.

What to feed a diabetic dog should be seen in the light of the statistics. In the USA, as much as fifty percent of dogs are obese. This is a terrible statistic and can be improved easily by a simple lifestyle change for the dog. Keep in mind that as you would go ahead and eat less and exercise more if you had a weight problem, your dog is not going to be any different.

Some dog food companies make a special blend just for diabetic dogs. They have a high amount of dietary fiber, are low fat content and have none of what is called "simple sugars". Your diabetic dog's diet can be improved with these types of dry dog foods.

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