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             03 December, 2021

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How to Choose Dog Flea Cures for Your Pet

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2009-01-24 06:57:33     
Article by Anne Ming

Fleas are one of the biggest problems pet owners encounter with their dogs. Fleas are quite easy to acquire, especially when they are in season. There are different types of dog flea cures and medicines available in the market today. Some involve the use of oral drugs while others are topical treatments. Fleas jump from one dog to another. This is the main reason why it is quite easy to acquire them. One of the best ways you can keep your dogs from being infested with fleas is to take some preventive measures.<br/><br/>But how do you really choose the medicine or device to ward off fleas? The surest way to go about the problem is to talk to your veterinarian about it. However, this could mean additional fees for you. If you're quite on a budget and can't possibly add vet bills to your monthly finances, you are better off researching to find out the best possible cure for your pet.<br/><br/>When choosing among the many dog flea cures available in the market today, it is best that you first determine how much your dog has been infected with the parasite. Try to skim through the fur of your dog. How many fleas can you possibly find on its hair? If you can see much, your dog is most likely suffering from moderate to severe flea problems.<br/><br/>Try to go to a pet center and inspect the products you can use. One of the suggested cures is dog flea shampoos. Since you can't go to the vet for consultation, don't give your dog oral medications. Reserve this step for later, right when you're ready to see the vet.<br/><br/>Dog flea dips are best used along your choice of dog flea shampoo. This way, your dog would recover faster. Dips are normally used after bathing. You can either apply the dip with the use of a sponge all over the body of your dog, or simply pour the formulation over your pet. The idea is to cover the coat of your dog with it to fully eradicate the fleas.<br/><br/>There are also flea foams, sprays, and powders available in the market today. You can use any one of them at any time of the day to boost your dog's protection from fleas. These cures are used in the same way you use sprays, powders, and foams on yourself. Sprinkle dog flea powder on your pet during the mornings or after bathing so it won't acquire fleas throughout the day. Same goes for sprays and foams. Dog flea foams are like hair mousse. It is supposed to be applied on the hair of your pet to ward away fleas.<br/><br/>There are also dog flea oils available. Try to use it as maintenance for your pet. Even if you see that your dog don't have any fleas anymore, apply dog flea solutions to it so that you can have peace of mind that your dog won't suffer from these insects at any point.

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