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             27 June, 2022

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Secrets to Successful Article Marketing

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2009-01-21 06:41:51     
Article by Marc Ilgen

So you have a website and you want to promote it, right? There are only two ways to get traffic to your website: either you pay for it or you let people find it for free. But most of us don't have the money to risk on pay per click and other paid traffic generation methods, so we focus our energies on getting free traffic.

So what's the best way to get free traffic? If you are willing to put in the work required, then article marketing should be the foundation to successful traffic building. There are two reasons for this:

1. Articles on the web will give you one way backlinks to the website you are trying to promote

2. People who read and enjoy your article may follow your link directly to your website

Why are backlinks important? The answer is that the search engines have determined that backlinks are the most reliable measure of how important your website is. Search engines know that backlinks in general are hard to get, since they are under the control of other webmasters who must give them to you, so the search engines feel that backlinks will only exist if you have a good website. Fortunately, there are ways of getting backlinks that are completely under your control, and article marketing is one of the best of these techniques.

But many people fail to do article marketing properly and get poor results. To do article marketing properly, you must do several things:

First, the biggest reason that article markers fail is that they don't write enough articles. These days you simply cannot expect to write 5 or even 10 articles and see significant results for most websites. You really need to write 30, 40, 50 or more articles. The most successful article marketers will write 100 or more articles for each website they wish to promote!

Second, you must spend a bit of time making your title appealing. The title is the single most important determiner of whether an article gets read or not, so make sure the title grabs the attention of the potential reader.

Third, it is a good idea to target keywords in your article such that the keywords don't have much competition in Google. Use Google to find search term keywords that don't return more than half a million results, the lower the better. Use these search terms in your article to get the best results.

Finally, make sure you distribute your article to as many places on the web as possible. Article distribution services can be very handy in this regard. But it is also really useful to get your articles published on website related to your website. This sometimes happens when other webmasters grab your article from an article directory after it is submitted. But you can greatly increase the publication volume of your article on other websites by using specialized link building and article distribution networks that can greatly leverage your article marketing efforts and increase your web site traffic.

Let Marc Ilgen show you how to get one way backlinks for a high search engine ranking for your website. Go to http://www.neurolinker.com.

Specialized in: Get More Backlinks - One Way Backlinks - Web Site Traffic - Online Serach Engine Marketing
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