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Dream Dictionary - Find Out What Your Dreams Are Telling You

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2009-01-15 07:19:26     
Article by Jenny Wolfram

Dictionary for Your Dreams

A dream can hold meanings to a person to help uncover the underlying workings of the subconscious mind. You will sometimes find objects, animals, persons or places in a dream and you wonder if it carries a special meaning or if it can mean a future of good fortune or years of misery. Do we have a good reference for this purpose? Yes, we definitely do. Check out Dream Dictionary to see what things or objects can hold for you.

Wonder no more about things you see in a dream and find out what they mean in this easy to read ebook. Good omens in life can be gathered when you see the following items in your dreams: apples, cheese, eggs, fishes, playing card, a white rabbit, spider, swan, umbrella, whiskey and wine. On the other hand, you may not want to see some things in your dream as it brings negative meaning to one's life such as vinegar, stapler, snake, scissors, any reptile, black rabbit, palace, mustard, monkey, mirror, kiss, empty house, gun, grasshopper, goat, empty glass, winning in gambling, calendar, low flying birds, crab, and an empty barrel.

You will find more things with meanings on this book and see to what extent your dream can hold for you. You must remember that dreams mirror your mind, body and spirit. It gives you an insight to yourself and provides a means of exploration of one's deepest thoughts and secrets.

Worth It

Find a worthwhile read in Dream Dictionary where you will finally find the key to your dreams and what they mean at a very affordable price. Find out for yourself what your dream can be trying to tell you all this time. It sure beats going to a clairvoyant and find some pronouncements that have little prophetic meaning to you. Also, it has become impractical to seek one for each dream that you may encounter from time to time.

Use this book to open up your mind to your dreams and what you mind could be telling you. Start listening to your subconscious and get the most out of each dream as you deep dive into all possible meanings of these dreams as they come. Take what this ebook offers you - a wealth of information that can help you understand your whole being and find a connection with your mind and spirit via dreams, all yours to unlock now.

Check it out at http://www.Dreams-Revealed.com

About the Author:
Jenny Wolfram,
Professional Relationship Psychologist since 1994.
Jenny's expertise has taken her to places like Los Angeles, London, Madrid and more.

Specialized in: Dream Dictionary - Find Out - Telling You
URL: http://www.dreams-revealed.com
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