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             26 October, 2021

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"The Great Field - Soul at Play in a Conscious Universe" by John James - Book Review

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2009-01-15 07:16:31     
Article by Cherie Fisher

So many people today are asking questions about why we are here, the truth behind the soul and the greatest spiritual debate last year seemed to be about whether we really attract things into our lives through our thoughts. This book examines the relationship between soul and science and so much more, and it makes more sense than most of the hundreds of books that I have ever read on the subject of spirit. The author suggests that the first couple of chapters might be too full of scientific jargon and that they can be skipped but I found his translation to be very easy to understand and full of valuable information.

What is the Great Field? "A holistic tapestry of independent influences" (page 66, Paul Davies). The author describes the Field as "does not exist in either space or time. It exists everywhere simultaneously. It has no movement, but only presence." I thought his beautiful description of the Great Field was best summed up by the following: "She was utterly still and attentive. It felt that there was no time, no space and yet every sense was exquisitely attuned to each subtle nuance of the physical plane where she sat. She was within everything, and without, simultaneously, and flooded with such knowing and compassion of that perfection that there was nowhere else to be but now. This was the realization of Samadhi, of the pure bliss of the saints and the gurus of every denomination. She had crossed the veil within herself and had united the material world of time and the desires of the senses with the Great Field. There was no distinction any more, but only pure bliss and unbearable compassion. (page 15).

"Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen" (page 247 - by a six-year-old) is my favorite of the many wonderful quotes throughout the book that is used to define concepts. He also uses many examples of scientific studies and clinical therapeutic studies to prove how our fields of energy impact not only our immediate environment but people, animals and environments a long distance or time away. Holistic healing, reincarnation and the soul's purpose are also up for discussion in the book.

"The Great Field: Soul at Play in a Conscious Universe" is packed full of good information. I don't want to give away too much more except to say that it is definitely worth reading for those people who want answers about spirit.

Energy Psychology Press (2007)

ISBN 9781604150155

Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views (1/08)

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