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             16 January, 2021

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How to Study Spanish - 4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Study Time

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2009-01-13 07:58:54     
Article by Kerry Scheffer

1. Work With Another Person

Two heads are better than one they say, and it's the truth when you have 2 people wanting to study Spanish. The beauty of 2 people studying together is that when one of you doesn't really want to work, the other one motivates you, and vis versa, and it's much easier to bounce questions and answers off of each other too. Of course this only works when you both know how to study Spanish, so read on for more tips.

2. Zero Distractions And Solid Blocks of Time

We live in a noisy and distracting world, and for the serious Spanish learner it can be tough to get some actual study done. Lock yourself in your room, turn off your phone, your Internet, TV and anything else that's shiny or electronic, set your timer on and get 1 hour of solid study done. After an hour of study you can elect to study more or stop, but if you decide to continue you should have a break for 15minutes to absorb and give your brain a rest. Part of how to study Spanish is structuring your time, so use it well.

3. Don't Skip The Hard Bits

You may come across a difficult to pronounce phrase, or an exception to a grammar rule that you cant get your head around. DO NOT just skip it, because it will appear everywhere and you will have no clue. Everything in the Spanish language is pronounceable, even for a non-native, so get it done and move on. This is part of how to study Spanish, with a bit of determination you'll be miles ahead.

4. Study Something Good!

A big part of how to study Spanish properly is making sure what you are studying is good material, otherwise you will stop studying it! If you are in school learning Spanish then I'm sorry for you, because you will no doubt have to memorize a phone book sized amount of grammar and it won't really help you. If you are learning independently then you have some good options. My personal favorite courses are Pimsleur Spanish and Rocket Spanish. Pimsleur Spanish is almost completely audio, which may not suit some people (it doesn't even really suit me, but I just got on with it and finished it anyway). It's also a little on the pricey side (over $800 for all 3 sections). Rocket Spanish has audio, written and interactive games to play which is good fun, will take you nearly as far as Pimsleur and it costs a tidy $99.95.

If you're still wondering how to study Spanish, you should go back and read the article again. If you want to check out Rocket Spanish, you can go here and get it at a discounted price.

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