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             16 January, 2021

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The Advantages of Online Study

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2009-01-12 05:20:42     
Article by Jon Bryan

True or not, the ability of a person to have a good command of a language and the nuances of its vocabulary will always be perceived as someone who is highly intelligent. The ability of a communicator to use a language effectively and clearly will immediately open the doors of respect, fair or not.

This is why in today's world, where the popular medium of international communication is English, a person, no matter how brilliant, could just not cut an effective transaction unless a passable command of the language is learned. In fact the higher a person wants to achieve, the better the command of the language is required. It is therefore not so surprising that people who used to be content with their local languages and dialects, have tried to learn the language or at least send their children to schools that offer gaining a good grasp of English.

Sending students to schools where English is the main medium of instruction is a good idea. This is not always possible though. In many countries where English is a secondary language, often, the instructors themselves do not have a good command of the language either. Why is this so? In countries where English is not the primary language, the tendency of many instructors is to think according to the nature of the local dialect and speak conversational English according to the construction of the dialect. That simply does not work that way. To speak English effectively, one has to also think in English. But here's the problem. English teachers will seldom (if ever) be available in schools outside English speaking countries.

For this reason, it can not be overstated that the smart way (and least expensive) for students that are serious in cutting through the barrier has to learn the language through English teaching institutions on the net.

There are several advantages to this, including:

• English is an easy language to learn. English teachers on the net understand this and so consideration is given for the students to learn at their own pace, at his own time and at his own home while at the same time, the pace is being supervised so that learning is achieved faster.
• Learning grammar is often a drag. It consumes too much time and effort if the purpose is only to learn to effectively communicate the idea across and very well.
• You don't get better English instructors than someone who has been speaking English all their life. When there is no struggle on the part of the instructor, confusion and inconsistencies are decreased dramatically. When struggling at English is out of the equation, the learning curve on the part of the student is much improved within a shorter period of time.
• Proven methodologies are applied, so are materials that would be needed.
• Advanced studies are readily available.

The advantages of good and effective communication can never be overstressed. Similarly, good communication starts with the right instruction, the right atmosphere and the perfect medium to practice what has been learned.

Jon Bryan

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