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             27 November, 2020

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Choosing a Homeschooling Curriculum

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2009-01-11 06:04:50     
Article by T Martin

You have made the decision to home school, now you have to select the curriculum! This is no easy job and can be daunting, so break it down into more manageable pieces and take your time.

Knowing your child's learning style will be important. In fact it is where I would start in the process of choosing a curriculum. When I refer to their learning style I mean, do they learn by seeing, or are they the hands on type or are they a combination of the two? Knowing this will help you narrow down which curriculum you should be looking at.

A factor for many of us is cost. Curriculum prices will vary greatly, so it is extremely important to know your budget before you begin your search. Different programs will have different offers, with some seeming far more substantive than others. Some just seem to have fancy packaging. In most cases, the company will send you samples of their curriculum, which will help you immensely in getting a feel for their product.

Believe it or not, your personality will come into play with all of this too. You may be more relaxed and laid back, so following a regimented, rigid curriculum may not work for you. It is so important that you are realistic about what works for you and your family. You do not want your child's education to suffer because you don't get along with the curriculum. It is also worth mentioning, it is expensive and you don't want to have to keep buying them until you get the right mix.

There are so many homeschooling groups and associations, yes in your area. Don't be afraid to talk to other parents and see what they are using. Ask questions, find out what they do and don't like about current and past programs. Find out if they are using one curriculum in its entirety or pieces from several.

Choose a curriculum that works not only for your personality, but your budget and your child's learning style and your homeschooling career will be off to a good start!

If homeschooling is your mission, it is Tracy Martin's passion to help you learn more. Visit her site where she gives you a homeschooling education.

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