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Free Fastpitch Softball Drills

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2009-01-04 06:13:38     
Article by Marc Dagenais

Here are some free fastpitch softball drills to help you improve yourself as a player and make you more skilled at the sport you love.

Drill 1 - Two Ts (Softball Hitting)

Purpose: To concentrate on hitting to and through the ball on the sweet spot of the bat with a line drive contact.

Procedure: Two Ts are placed at the same height one directly in front of the other with a ball on each. The batter tries to drive the bat through the ball on the first T and into and through the ball on the second T.

Drill 2 - Leadoffs With Multiple Runners (Softball Baserunning)

Purpose: To practice leadoffs at each base. The entire team can practice.

Procedure: With a pitcher throwing to a catcher, runners at each base work on getting a good jump, taking three steps at first and third, and taking five steps at second. Several runners work at each base. Each group completes three leadoffs at a base before all rotate to the next base.

Drill 3 - Wrist Snap Under Knee (Softball Pitching)

Purpose: To practice the wrist snap by isolating the wrist.

Procedure: Partners stand about 10 feet apart. Pitchers can throw to pitchers. If right-handed the pitcher kneels on the left knee with the right leg bent and the right foot flat on the ground. The pitching arm is placed against the leg with the ball and hand under the knee. The pitcher flips the ball in the air to her partner by snapping the wrist.

Drill 4 - Drop-Step Reaction (Softball Catching)

Purpose: To learn to react and drop step to the appropriate side.

Procedure: The coach faces players, who are in staggered position in three or four lines. The coach points direction with a ball. Players react with a drop step in that direction. They return to ready position and repeat. When the drop step becomes automatic, add the turn with inside and outside rolls. Then add easy tosses.

Drill 5 - Hit-Ball Line Flips (Softball Throwing)

Purpose: To execute backhand flips off hit balls.

Procedure: Two lines of fielders stand about 10 feet apart facing the hitter. A hitter hits a ball to the first player in the fielding line. The fielder flips the ball to a teammate at the front of the opposite line, who throws to a catcher near the hitter. The catcher feeds the hitter so that the drill can continue rapidly.

Marc Dagenais is a softball peak performance coach that provides softball tips, softball drills, and information on techniques for hitting, pitching, coaching, and training through his blog at http://www.softballperformance.com/blog

He also helps softball players and coaches improves their game by sharing with them the tips and strategies used by the world's best softball players and coaches to achieve extraordinary performances. You can sign-up to get his FREE Softball Tips at http://www.softballperformance.com/softball-tips.html

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