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RSS For Great SEO

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2008-12-27 06:47:04     
Article by Alexander Gray

Would you believe that it is possible for almost anyone to get their blog, web pages, affiliate site or other website materials into the first pages of the search engines, including the big "G" ! Not likely, you are apt to say. Well, hold on to your hat. We have information for you that can blow the lid completely off what you thought was possible or rather, not possible, on the web.

You've probably heard of "RSS," which stands for "Really Simple Syndication." It's works sort of like the local television stations and the networks, where the networks broadcast their programs and advertising through hundreds and hundreds of affiliated local station "feeds" in order to reach the mass audience all over the country (or the world.)

In the context of the web, we usually think of syndication (or Really Simple Syndication) as a way of finding bits of content made available by others on the internet, that we are permitted to post on our own websites. And conversely, it is a method whereby you can offer whatever content you put out on the wab, and make it available to others to put on their website to reach more and more eyeballs. Certainly, if some of your material - whatever kind of content - is available at 10. 100 or 1000 websites, it stands a better chance of being viewed by a larger overall audience than if it is available only on your own "local" website, blog or webpage, no matter how much you try to promote that website.

So RSS is great for getting more content on a given subject to add to your own content or other material on your website or blog - to build it up and make it more valuable for your audience. And it's great for pushing your content out there to an ever larger audience. For these reasons, RSS started becoming a real factor on the internet between two and three years ago, and now it is really growing.

But you would be right to ask, "So how can I use RSS to help get me a higher ranking in the search engines? Well, as of this writing, not many people have learned how take advantage of RSS for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But the key use of RSS in SEO is to generate backlinks, and the best kind for the search engines: one-way backlinks. Furthermore by using RSS, we can get these backlinks from websites that score very higihly with the search engines by a metric which they refer to as "Authority."

A technique that is pretty well known for getting backlinks and therefore better search engine rankng is to post or in some other way, get links to your materials by using the Social Bookmarking websites, Video Directories, Article Websites, Free hosts and Free Blog Hosts such as Blogger and WordPress. And if you have tried any SEO efforts, then you may have accounts with these sites.
But,. as you may have discovered, many such sites now embed something called a "no-follow" tag in your material posted on their sites, essentially making it so that the search engines do not see, and do not count links to your material found there in their ranking calculations.

However, do you know that the majority of such sites offer RSS Feeds associated with your accounts? And do you know that most of the same mateiral found on the social sites that gets picked up through RSS and published all around - including the material with your links - does not does carry any nofollow tags. That means that wherever and whenever these links appear, they do count in the search engine rankngs!

If that notion has started to get your wheel's turning, then you are starting to get the picture. Now, if you search the web, you can find lots of material on the technical aspects of RSS. That is, how to publish via RSS and how to get material to read or republish via RSS. But you won't find much material yet on how to use RSS yourself for improving your rankings in the search engines - for professional, artistic, political, commercial or other purposes.

Chances are, if you are reading this article, then you are interested in the commerical application of RSS to get better search engine rankings, generate more traffic, get more clicks, sales, etc. But all these techniques apply just as well to marketing for any purpose - where you are trying to get more of something in front of more audience for - whatever reason.

If you are seriously interested in using RSS to greatly increase your effectiveness on the web, then you will probably benefit exploring both available techniques and available software to help automate and these techniques and make them easier to implement. If so, it is well worth your while to learn more about your while to learn more about using RSS to improve your search engine rankings. And, in the biggest surprise of all, it's a technique than can cost little to nothing!

Written by Alexander Gray. If you want to learn more about the amazing power of RSS in SEO to put you high in the search engines, and how to automate such processes, visit http://content-robot.info

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