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             13 May, 2021

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Squeezing The Best Value From A Refurbished, Reconditioned or Second-Hand Notebook Computer

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2006-08-18 19:25:18     
Article by Peter Lim

You are looking for a notebook computer or laptop to meet your needs, but you lack the funds to splurge on the latest sophisticated model, so what can you do?

For those people who just want a reasonable and a reliable notebook computer or laptop that can run the programs they need, and where cash is running low, an option is to buy a refurbished notebook computer. In buying a refurbished or used computer, the newer the model (and better computing power), the more you will need to pay.

Among the many makes of notebook computers that are popular in the refurbished or used notebook computer markets, DELL and IBM Think Pad feature strongly.

When you are buying a refurbished notebook computer, there are some important points that you should be aware of.

1. Go for the brand or make of computer that still has a ready supply of spare parts and accessories, particulary the battery which may need replacing.

2. Consider the possibility of additional RAM memory- does the notebook computer has the available slot for additional RAM or has the complete RAM to be replaced by a higher RAM chip because there is only one RAM slot? How much computing power do you need?

3. If you travel often, consider the weight of the notebook computer or laptop. Would you be happy with a light notebook but with external CD ROM drive that you would only carry when needed? Very often, the battery for lighter weight notebooks are much more costlier and subsequent costs for replacing the battery is a trade off for lighter weight. You can use a cheap thumbdrive or flash memory to overcome the need for an external drive.

4. Care and maintenance - do some quick research by checking the reviews and experiences of past users of the same model. For example, some older models often have cover problems at the hinge-joint of the screen with the keyboard, with the cover cracking at that joint. Avoid these even if the price of the used model is cheap so that you will not be saddled with a problematic notebook that you cannot use later.

5. Age of Model - You can get reasonably priced notebooks that have been previously used by executives of big companies that phase out their notebook computers after a certain period of time, for example two years. Consider the age of the model.

6. "Buy N Swap Warranty" - Some refurbished notebook dealers allow a buy and swap warranty. This allow you the opportunity to test out their refurbished notebook computers for 30 or 60 days as the case may be. During the test period, if you are unsatisfied with the notebook you have purchased, you can opt for a new notebook, or exchange it for another equivalent model till you are satisfied with your purchase. Enquire about the availability of this type of warranty when you buy your refurbished notebook computer.

When you pay attention to these important points in buying your refurbished or reconditioned notebook computer or laptop, the chances of getting a good model for your personal use greatly increases. You can squeeze tremendous value for your dollar when you adopt or use a refurbished notebook computer.

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