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How to Sell to Your List - 3 Easy Email Marketing Strategies

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2008-12-21 05:31:28     
Article by Teya Zary

So you are working on email marketing and nothing is happening! Well, that is the story for 95% or more of all email marketers that are attempting to make some money with online marketing strategies.

You have to be very careful when implementing an email marketing campaign to your email list, after all, you worked hard to get those people to opt in to your list in the first place. The last thing you want to do is create a dead list by implementing the wrong internet marketing strategy.

Here are 3 Tips to help you along the way.

1.) Is your list warm? - To have success with your internet marketing plan you must have a warm list. This is a list that you created by providing value and information to your customers. If you think you can achieve success with a purchased list, chances are you won't. The creation of the warm email list is the first and most crucial step in your future success as an email marketer. Concentrate on providing high quality information and content to your list subscribers, this will be the most important thing that you do.

2.) Don't Just Email Out Your Affiliate Links - We all get these emails with literally no value in them, and tons of affiliate links, most of us just delete them and are not to eager to open the next email from this marketer. So do yourself a favor, tell a story, spin a tale, and make the email interesting and useful before you pitch a product. I also suggest you don't pitch product in every email you send. Some of your email marketing plan should just be to create a relationship with your subscriber. This tip will go a long way in creating a warm list that looks forward to receiving your emails.

3.) Use a Squeeze Page - When you are offering product for sale, use a squeeze page. I did not realize the power of the squeeze page until recently myself. We all hate landing on them, put hey, they really work if done correctly with some effort. Maybe your subscriber won't by the product your pitching, but effective use of a Squeeze page can help you to market more than one product at a time, and maybe your subscriber is interested in something else. This can be a real eye opener. Converting more subscribers and putting more cash in your paypal account.

So, use the 3 tips above when starting your email list marketing campaign, and your success rate will increase. Last Tip..... Treat that list with care. Do not abuse the list or your unsubscribe rate will sky rocket and the list will be dead.

Teya Zary is following Marketing with Alex and you can visit her blog, Teya Zary's Internet Marketing Help and follow along with her journey.

For more information on list building and how to create the list in the first place, get a Free Report, by visiting Easy Email List Builder.

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