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How to Improve Your Email Confirmation Rate

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2008-12-21 05:21:34     
Article by Jag Y S Foo

A lot of email marketers will often ask - "how big is your list?"

A valid question. However, I prefer to ask this - "how targeted and responsive is your list?"

For me, quality of the list take precedence over quantity.

Quality first and then quality...and then finally quantity.

Everyone can buy a whole database of leads but how many percent of that will actually convert into your subscribers or customers?

Now, if you want to ensure your prospects are really targeted and responsive to you, get them to double opt in.

In that way, you can be sure they really do want your information.

"What!...Double opt in???....But you will get a far bigger list with single opt in!"...as many will tell you.

True. But do you consider the following scenarios such as...

- People keying in email addresses with typo errors...

- People keying in bogus email addresses...

- People keying in other people's email addresses without permission instead of their own...

Do you? Do you think such leads you will get are quality? Not a chance.

And if untargeted prospects get into your list, you will usually end up with a high spam complaint rate. You want that kind of hassle? Or rather you rather concentrate on marketing and providing value?

No doubt about it. You want them them to click the confirmation link to double opt in after they have enter their initial details.

And that brings us to today's topic - how to ensure that as many people will click the email confirmation link as possible...

We will show you some tips.

Let's not waste time. Here goes...

How to improve your email confirmation rate, step by step:

1. Create a custom thank you page

Once they entered their initial details, direct them to a custom thank you page.

In your custom thank you page, state down the following details your subscribers will expect to see in the confirmation email

- Name/Email address that the confirm email comes from (e.g. your name, and admin@yoursite.com)

- Subject line of the confirmation email

2. Tell them what they have to do

Click the confirmation link! That's what!

3. Lastly...the benefit of doing so...

You want them to click. But first, you must tell them what's in it for them if they do so.

It can be...a free gift round the corner...or a discount voucher for them...or a value-added report for download...

Something enticing. Something good for them if they opt in.

With an incentive, they are far more likely to click the confirmation link.

You might want to throw in a video on how to go about the whole process if you have time on your hands.

4. Last note...

Remember to tell your subscribers to white-list you. You don't want to have your emails going into their spam inbox!

You can capture more prospects, customers, and boost your sales today with the power of automated email marketing. Simply sign up to our email marketing helplist for a free consultation and newsletter at http://automationedge.org/EmailMarketingConsultationHelplist.htm

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