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             19 January, 2021

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The Hottest Selling Digital Information Products

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2008-12-20 07:13:52     
Article by Craig Garcia

The Hottest Selling Digital Information Products right now are products that teach and inspire. People can't get enough of it and they can't get the information fast enough! They want it on demand, they want to pause it and even fast forward through the commecials...LOL

Informational products come in three specific forms. There are the written vaiety (e-books), audio tapes or CD's and there are video products that are either in the form of a DVD or available on the Internet.

While E-Books don't have as much pull as compared to many years ago, I still find some quality products on E-Books. If you are going to write an ebook, use these two formats. "The Expert" and the "Report". The Expert Style is where you take an experts position on a topic. Only use this technique if you really are the expert. I would use this style if you are a specialist in a specific area, if you're a published author, been on stage or interviewed on a TV or Radio show or even published other digital products. Certainly don't use theis technique if ou are just starting out.

The Report Style of product would be a gathering of data, certain facts about your topic or industry trends, interviews, percentage factual data or anything that you can simply report on and back up by a creditable source, such as data from the library, scientific evidence, testimonials from people who have experienced it or an expert in the industry.

The Second style of product that you should consider creating is the Webinar /Teleseminar. It is easy to get a room that holds 100 people or more, put on a training, skillset, how to or even an inspirational hour or two, record it and instant product. Be sure to be an expert about the subject you are teaching or talking about. It is a good idea to get other industry experts involved. Have the guest banter back and forth staying on subject with a goal in mind or if teaching, be sure you give the goods and really teach step by step instructions so that if someone needs to watch it a couple of times, they can get it. Start, stop, pause style of learning and doing is the best way to learn from home.

The third simple, easy and very profitable way to make a Hot Selling Digital Informational Product would be the interview. An interview with an industry expert. This is easy to do if you are an expert, because you are probably friends with other top leaders in the industry, giving you an unfair advantage over the newbie in this case...right? Not necessarily...

If you are new, one of the best ways you can get an interview with an industry expert is to go to a live event and meet them. That is by far the best have to solidify your realationship with leaders in your industry. The next best way is to simply call and ask if they can do the project together. You make it a Win-Win scenario so both parties are happy. I'll give you a few tips. First, you gather the people to attend this Live Interview. Second, all the other person has to do it call in. Make it simple for them. Third, you record it and you both get a copy of the interview. You never know, the other person just may be looking for a reason to make another recording too. Fourth, if the expert has recently published a book, made acd set or something that the guest can promote to your audience, then you will be doing business together...

The most popular is the how-to product. If you know how to do anything at all, there are people out there who want to know how to do it, as well. Inspirational or motivational information products are good sellers on the Internet. Products that are filled with success stories and case studies give people hope...and hope is in demand every where. Products that give up-to-date information are always in demand.

If you want to have the Hottest Selling Digital Informational Products on the Internet then, choose a topic that you are passionate about, that you are better than everyone else at, that will help people solve a problem or make their lives better in some way. If you can do that, you will have a winning informational product that people will be lining up to purchase.

Craig Garcia

Specialized in: Hottest Selling - Digital Information - Products
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