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How to Select a Domain Name For Your Business

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2008-12-20 02:31:22     
Article by Brent Ray

"Domain Names". This is where most people get it wrong. Right out of the gate most will pick a bad name and then everything can only go down hill from there. This is part of the foundation of your business. If you get this wrong, then there is no way for anything else to work as good as it should. So, let me give you the secret to selecting the right domain name.

First of all, a domain name is your business name. If you want your business to be called "XYZ" then your domain name should be www.xyz.com. Now it is more complicated then that, but that gives you a very basic explanation of domain names. It is the www.yourdomainname.com that you see everywhere on the Internet and that people will get to know you as.

Now one more thing, I always recommend a .com name instead of a .anythingelse name like; .biz or .org etc. It is the most used and recognized type of domain name. You can use something else if you want just make sure it matches who you are and what you do. If you are an organization then yes, use the .org or if you are some type of government company, use .gov or if you are a school then use .edu. Other then that, try and stay with the .com domain name.

Now to get started, we need to pick a fake company as our example company that we will use throughout this article. I will select a make believe company called "The Money Magnet System". So, let's say that yesterday you joined "The Money Magnet System" and now you need to select a domain name. What would be the best one to pick? Let me warn you about something real quick. Most programs will give you what is called a referral url and a replicated website. You will need both of these, but you will not actively use either if you set things up correctly. So, don't think just because they give you a referral url or domain name that you are set. You should never use this referral domain name to do any advertising! It will cause you to lose hundreds and thousands of dollars. In fact you may not even make any money at all using it. Do yourself a favor and save it somewhere because you will need it, you just won't advertise it.

You might be thinking that since you are starting a new business you should come up with something real catchy for you new business like; "My Totally Awesome New Business" or like so many other names I have seen such as; "Finally I Can Make Money" or "My Ship Has Come In". These are horrible domain names and you should avoid them like the plague!

What you are looking for is what I call PROGRAM RELEVANT & KEYWORD STRONG. That means, you want your name to be relevant to the name of the program you joined or business you have, yet also and if possible have keywords in the name that people typically use when searching for something online. I will give you some examples to get your mind going in the right direction.

Program Relevant Examples

Our program name is
"The Money Magnet System"

Examples of relevant words:

Money System
Magnet Money
Money Magnet
The Money System
The Money Magnet.

I think you get the idea.
You want to use words that already exist in the program name if at all possible.

Keywords are terms people use to find information in the internet. People type keywords in to a search bar of a search engine like Google and then they get results based on what Google or any other search engine you may use is most relevant to your search term or (keyword) you typed. This is not a lesson on keywords, but this should do for an explanation.

Strong Keywords:


Hopefully you are getting the concept here.
So, what are some good business - domain names for our new program that we are going to promote? I have listed some examples below that should be helpful in your decision.

Domain Name Suggestions For:
"The Money Magnet System"


Obviously there are dozens of names you can come up with using this technique of brainstorming. This list should get your mind juices going in order for you to select a name that is right for you.

Brent Ray is the owner of The Advice Company. He specializes in providing insider secret techniques and tips to making money online. He does this through his training course called 7 Secrets To Online Profits and his updates which you can get for free by going to http://secrets-to-online-profits.com and signing up.

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