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             26 October, 2020

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Propecia Proving To Be A True Treatment For Baldness

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2006-08-18 19:25:11     
Article by Alan Anderson

Hair plays a very vital role in grooming one’s appearance. Losing hair may destroy the appearance by making you lees attractive and seductive. Moreover, hair loss often creates a psychological affect that may lead to frustration and anxiety. But the fact is that baldness can strike men at any age. Of course, the earlier this happens, the more likely it will have a negative affect on the individual’s self esteem and consequent social interactions. So, if you are beginning to bald now, it will be wise to take action on the matter.

Though there is still dearth of proper treatment for hair loss, but one dosen’t ignore the fact that.medical science is searcing solutions for coping with this problem. Apart from surgey and hair transplantation, there are vital evidence siting hair growth with proper medicine. The craze for stopping hair loss result led to the development of Propecia for combating male pattern hair loss. It was developed to treat mild to moderate hair loss and is quite successful in keeping to its commitment.

It’s the first drug of its kind to get approval from FDA for treating male pattern hair loss on the vertx and anterior mid scalp of the head in male. Developed by Merck, the efficacy of Propecia is based on a photographic assignment performed by an expert pannel of dermatologists for a period of 5 years. It has been found that it not only stops hair loss but also helps in hair re-growth, if properly used for a period of 12 months.

Clinically, it is found that people become bald because an enzyme 5-alpha-reducatase in their body convert testosterone into dihydrotestrone (DHT). This DHT causes hair follicles to shrink so small that it becomes unable to regenerate new hairs. Propecia controls the production of DHT and blocks the source of DHT. This results in decrease in hair loss and in certain cases new hairs tends to grow.

Whether a true baldness cure comes or not in future, but most bald consumers agree that there may be no more significant treatment than Propecia.

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