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             28 January, 2021

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Do You Need A New Computer

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2006-08-16 20:14:03     
Article by Jakob Culver

Technology is moving at a fast pace, and to keep in tune with the latest technologies one needs to constantly upgrade the existing system! We provide you with the checklist that will prove to be informative while buying a new computer or at least making a decision!

Operating system

If you are a proud owner of Windows 95/98 (or older operating systems!) then let us tell you that old operating systems won't allow you to add on scanners, printers, or dig cams. It also won't allow you to run newer programs.

Updated RAM

If you take real long for processes running on the machine to complete chances are there that you need to add more RAM.

Small hard disk space

Annoying it is for anyone who is required to perform some file clean up so as to create space for a new file to be stored! This is the clear indication that you badly need a new hard disk. The market now offers as much as 500 GB for personal computers.

Software doesn't run

If your existing software doesn't support the new one that you are trying to install, you then absolutely need a change.

Slow processors

If your machine is getting deadly slow in responding to your work lie if you are If you are doing some graphic works on your computer, then it suddenly bogs down, then you are in trouble. Older computers don't even come close to opening website with large graphics.

If you answer yes for the above said questions, then certainly you should make up your mind for the purchase of a new computer!

Tips in Buying Computers

The first and the foremost question that needs to be answered is the purpose of your computer, if you just need to type up writing assignments or do some office works, and then a computer with a decent word processing program would go. If you were using the Internet often, then you would need a computer with 128 MB of memory and at least Pentium-2 processor.

If you are dealing with graphics, editing pictures or create videos heavily then aside from higher RAM and larger space, you need a good video card to view your work as actual as it can be. Make sure that you check the compatibility of other devices like scanners and printers to your computer.

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