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The History of the Baby Stroller

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2008-12-07 04:39:25     
Article by Timothy Lontana

While the first baby carriage was developed in the seventeen-hundreds, it probably did not resemble what most people consider a carriage today. These early carriages where designed to be pulled by a small animal, such as a pony, and very intricately carved. It would be about a hundred years before the carriage began to resemble what we today consider to be a stroller.

By the middle of the nineteenth century, walk behind baby strollers had become extremely popular in Europe. These strollers were often still very heavily decorated and were in many cases works of art. As a result, they could often be very expensive. Their popularity increased as a result of the Royal Family purchasing several carriages, which led to many manufactures naming them after positions of royalty, like the Duchess for example.

By the 1920's, the price of baby strollers had dropped and they were used by most families in the United States and Europe. Many people started to include extra features and improved upon the design of the stroller. Brakes were added to many as well as reinforced frames. Larger wheels and deeper prams to keep the baby safe.

While many advances were made in the quality and design of strollers during the first part of the twentieth century, they remained fairly big and could be awkward when traveling. In 1965, an inventor by the name of Owen Maclaren solved this problem by developing the first umbrella stroller. Maclaren was an aeronautical engineer and used his knowledge to create a lightweight foldable stroller. He started his own company to sell these strollers, which quickly became incredibly popular.

Today, many strollers still incorporate a foldable design. They also often use larger wheels and have independent suspension. A good number of parents enjoy taking their child on walks or jogs, so a number of jogging strollers are available. These are designed with larger wheels to make them better suited to traversing outdoor terrain. Often, they also have a rack or shelf in the bottom of the stroller that can hold items such as a diaper bag or bottled water.

Depending on the model, these strollers can often support over a hundred pounds. Some are three wheeled, which helps improve maneuverability, but for jogging, you would want to lock the wheel in a straight position. There are also double and triple strollers available that can be used to hold multiple children. To protect the child from the elements, most come with a protective covering that extends from the top of the stroller.

The technology behind the stroller has changed greatly since the first stroller developed several hundred years ago. They are much safer, reliable, and maneuverable today. People use them in all types of situations and over all types of terrains.

Timothy Lontana is a writer who has experience with strollers. The baby stroller is very popular today. Many models are available with slightly larger tires, which make it perfect for taking on a jog or using in the park. Find out about these and other baby products at Lullaby Supply

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