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Green Tea For Weight Loss & Obesity Cure

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2008-11-25 06:15:49     
Article by Mark Fryer

Do you know the details of the miraculous effect of weight reduction via regular green tea intake? Are you aware of the precious benefits of taking it regularly? Just go ahead and get to know the details.

Does Green Tea Works For Weight Loss?

Green tea has remarkable health benefits. The Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) present in green tea has several positive effects on your body. But it has proven to be a weight loss tool due to the following reasons

1. The catechins present in it prevent the glucose movement within the fat cells. This facilitates the reduction in weight in the long run.
2. Catechin polyphenols present in it also helps in generating heat during the fat burning process. They also expedite the oxidation of fat happening within your body naturally. This gives rise to an increase in the metabolic rate and hence proves to be a remarkable fat loss tool.
3. The ingredients present slows down the release of carbohydrates in your body. This in turn prevents the sudden increase in the insulin levels in your blood thus inhibiting the weight increase within your system
4. It contains caffeine which is a very popular fat burner.

However, the intake of green tea has to be accompanied by proper exercise regime and raw food diet for a very effective and powerful weight loss.

Why should You Choose Green Tea for Weight Loss?

It can be chosen for weight loss just because it produces no side effects and is a natural source of herbs. Not only it helps in fat loss but also in preventing diseases like Alzhemier's, skin problems and cardio vascular disorders.

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