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             06 December, 2023

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Hey all you bloggers! Host My Post here!

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2008-11-25 06:14:50     
Article by Dennis Collins

http://www.host-my-post.com/. Want some content? It's absolutely free! Yes, that's right. FREE CONTENT! This is a real no-brainer! But that's not all! Host My Post is a new site for ppl to meet ppl and exchange content for money - FOR MONEY!

Anyone with content and a budget to spend can post that content on to Host My Post. It can be advertising copy, a PR release or an SEO article. No matter what, it sits there waiting for someone like you to come along.

Who are you? You're running one or more sites that needs really great content to help boost your site's ranking. Here's your chance to be a winner twice.

Twice? The first time is finding really great content on Host My Post. The second time is when you collect payment for downloading it to your site! The advertisers, PR ppl or content writers pay you to post their content on your site. Now is that a really neat way to make some extra money while boosting your site's google ranking, or what? There are no hidden fees or costs.

All you have to do is register your sites and start collecting the money for downloading the content. People are paying you to take their copy! DON'T THINK TOO HARD ABOUT THIS. JUST USE IT! Promote your website with Host My Post! We're a bit different, but in a good way. We're going to talk to both sides in the game, so hang loose. Should you keep reading? The headlines you'll read couldn't be better. "Both sides benefit!" So keep reading further. First on to the mound to pitch: Advertisers Who? You're the content producers, the fellows who slave over every crafted word and then want to see those words get out there. You could be a PR or advertising agency. You've got a marketing campaign to get underway and you need fast distribution for your Press Release or SEO optimized infomercial articles to the maximum number of high ranking sites. So welcome to Host My Post!

Couldn't be easier. Just load up your copy, offer to pay the going rate for Publishers to take your content, and watch your copy fly out round the net. There's no easier or faster way to get distribution. This is the single, most cost-effective way of running a campaign. More importantly, you want inbound links to your own sites to boost their ranking. Welcome to Host My Post! If your content is good enough and fits what the Publishers need, it will fly out of the virtual door for just a few dollars of promotion funding. Publishers You're the guys who run those thousands of websites with the higher rankings. Stand up and take a bow. Thanks for coming. Just register your sites. We'll check out their ranking - the higher the better - and then leave you to view the content on offer. Whenever you see something that fits your sites, you download a copy and take the dollars on offer. What could be easier? Well, if you run WordPress sites, we've got a neat piece of code that automates the process so you just keep
taking the money while your sites do the rest! So there you have it. Advertisers meet Publishers, exchange content and cash.

Everyone wins in this game! Sign up today!

You're here for two reasons:

(1) you want to boost your rankings even higher by getting those inbound links so you're going to act like an Advertiser and offer some of your content to other Publishers; and/or

(2) You're in business to make money (now there's a radical idea!) so you're going to take the cash to publish other people's copy when it fits into your sites.

More good content on your sites. No need to commission it. No need to pay for it. Better ranking. More advertising and affiliate revenue. Can't see a downside here!

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URL: http://www.host-my-post.com
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